Monday, April 30, 2007

It went something like this...

12.30am today. Sitting on a couch at Gloria Jean's in North Sydney, our heroine (Shazmina Bendi) pulls out her knitting (current project a baby related surpirse!). She ponders life and how cute that boy is over the other side of the room. She puts on glasses and realises that he is not cute at all, so she takes them off and goes back to believing that there are attractive men in North Sydney.

She waits patiently for the arrival of her good crafting buddy, Al.

SB: Hey you are finally here! (Here being GJ's in N Sydney)

Al: Yeah just managed to get out. Where is your show & tell?

SB: Ok, here it is (with flourish, pull item from sportsgirl bag). But I need a favour, can you try on so I can take a photo for my blog?
Al: Sure ( Takes off scarf and puts on said item). The colour is great and it fits pretty well (over a collared work shirt).

SB: Well that's good, because I knit it for you.

Al: YOU WHAT?? OMG SHAZMINA IT'S GREAT! (continues swooning).

Quick Knit jacket, Jo Sharp Knit 3
Lambs pride Worsted, Chianti

And that my friends, is pretty much what happened at lunch today.

ps. I should also state, that I am not a saint. The reason I knitted the above jacket for Al, is as a return gift for a Jumper (Jo Sharp Knit 2) that she gave me.


Bells said...

aww that is too nice Shazmina -both the cardigan and the way it was given. LOVE that colour. So beautiful!

Dianne said...

What a beautiful jacket, Shazmina. Love the pattern, too.
I'm a quilter, and recently started knitting, too...just what I need -- ANOTHER addiction!

Being new to Australia and living in the Southern Highlands, I'm wondering where's the best place to buy yarn in Oz? Are there any good Internet sources? Sydney? Others?

Rose Red said...

What a great story!! Can I be your friend?? (your friends get all the good presents - this cardi, the seasilk...). Love the colour. Love this pattern. Love the story!

2paw said...

You are having the Greatest Impromptu Swap ever!! It looks beautiful and how tricky are you?? It fits perfectly!!!

Jejune said...

I love your tricksy surprises! Beautiful jacket :)

And Dianne - here's a page full of Australian independent yarn shops, including online suppliers, courtesy of my friend Taphophile.

SoulCradler said...

Wow, that jacket is beautiful (partly the yarn, partly the pattern, partly the story). Do you reckon I could handle it? I'd love to have a go - any way I could get my hands on the pattern>

Nora said...

So beautiful.

Good idea to use the LP worsted instead of 2 strands held tog - what was I thinking??

Meg said...

Brilliant story and a lovely jumper! I just wish the guy had been cute. Then he could have been so taken with your mad knitting skillz he would have swept you off your feet and taken you to ... hmmm... Bendigo Woollen Mills? ... where he bought you everything you wanted and didn't get sooky when you didn't make anything for him...

Olivia said...

what a great feeling to pull off the surprise like that! It looks fab.