Saturday, March 31, 2007

Looking for an Enabler, Applications now open!

So I have been writing this post in my head for a week, and finally I am typing it into my blog.

I have been doing quite a bit of thinking since Action Man moved to the other side of Oz. Dont worry this blog is not about to turn into an anti men rant. As my friends can atest, I have handled his departure quite well. I think it is because I am getting older. Or maybe, my lack of upsetness (is that a word) is because, deep down, I knew it wasnt going to work out.

I think I know why, or at least the reason why it wasnt going where I want a relationship to go. He wasnt an enabler. I need a co-dependant relationship. Before I hear howls of "No Shazmina, you sooooo dont need that", let me explain to you where I am coming from. I like doing things for the people I care about, I like looking after them. And I want to be in a relationship with a man who knows me so well, that he does things for me too. A man that is thoughtful. And I know they are out there, I have evidence.

ENABLER 1. Mr Bells was out one day and came accross a spinning wheel and was prepared to buy it for Bells. How cool is that!

ENABLER 2. Mr BP, amongst many cool things he does for BP, bought her a yarn winder for Xmas and Subversive Cross Stitch for her birthday. And he is even thoughtful about her friends, he is a good egg that one!

AND ENABLER 3. Mr OCC, because surely this woman will, sweep this man off his feet and propose to him. You see he made her knitting needles for Xmas. I am talking searching ebay for dowel, sand them down, create tips, lacquer them AND make FIMO tops for them. He even made little Xmas puddings (with each currant an individual piece of FIMO!). BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE!
He made these.

Yes, he made CIRCULAR NEEDLES! Mr OCC took the time to think about how to make them. AND he made a pair for a couple of OCC girlfriends! What a star!! How much more of an Enabler can you get?

So when I talk about a co-dependant relationship, what I really mean is that I am looking for one of those wonderful men that is an enabler. A man that has realised he cant compete with your craft. A man that has a "If you cant beat them ,join them attitude"!

And they are out there friends, and I will find one. That is the challenge I have set myself for 2007!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Things I Heart about Y'all!

There are so many things I like about the knitting blog community.

  • When you send out a yikes/help! & you receive a calm reply instantly (thanks Nora!)
  • When you check out someone's blog and post a comment, they check out your blog (thanks everyone!). Cool!
  • When you tell someone how you admire their openess about life, and all that goes with it, and in return they regularly read your blog.

Which brings me to my latest craft crush. I go ever so weak at the knees for this lady. The Mighty Duchess, how I heart thee! She lives in Seattle, which is one of my favorite places! I have many fond memories of a year spent as and Resident Advisor at WSU (in Pullman, WA. GO COUGARS!) and time spent in Seattle. It is the closest place to Sydney in the world, the similarites (Space Needle/Sydney tower, the Harbour, the list goes on!!) are amazing when you think of it. It is just BEEEOOOOTIFUL!

How it all started. A few months ago I was lurking around her blog, Yarnnation, when I read a post that inspired me to stop lurking and make a comment. Duchess suffers from an anxiety disorder. She is very open about it, (& knows I am posting about it) so I am not outing her here. When I read her post, where she talked about having this disorder and how knitting helps her, I was just so taken by her strength, dignity and bravery, particularly in relation to the thoughtless comments by a very rude person (that was much nicer than what I really thought of said person).

I have another friend who also suffers from a diagnosed anxiety disorder, and when she first told me, I thought she was so brave for sharing her experiences. We have even discussed how knitting helps her when she feels her anxiety levels rising (Way to go Knitting!).

Duchess is one of those people who I truly admire. By being open about what she is going through, I believe she is helping in her own way to decrease the stigma surrounding those challenged with a mental illness/disorder. What a woman!

  • Other things I heart about the Duchess is her use of the term muggles for non knitters. Truly inspired!!
  • Finishing her business plan, particularly when mine has been languishing in the dim recesses of my non-knitting cupboard for a couple of months! :)
  • Her patterns, her yarn..... actually pretty much everything about her!

So if you havent already, check out her blog, she is a truly gifted and inspiring member of the knitting & blogging community.

Duchess, you rock!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Ok, I went to post pictures of the Project I finished on the weekend and my camera ran out of batteries! unfrickenbelievable! So Here is a picture of my pet seasilk (again) and some of the 18 stitch markers I have made for my clap(otis).

I really need to work on my photography, this photo doesn't do the stitch markers justice (if I do say so myself and I do!). Again I must thank Nora for having the knitting genius to pair the clap(otis) pattern with the seasilk, it is simply brilliant combination and looks stunning. Check it out here.
I have been thinking that when I post pictures of some previously unpublished finished objects, it will look like I am a craft powerhouse. Or worse still that I have been saving them to make it look like I am a craft powerhouse. Don't be fooled kids, I am and always will be afflicted with craft ADD.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Apologies for my extended absence, it was waaaaaay longer than I intended. But here I am, just quickly, to show you some recent purchases (got to love payday!). I was in a bit of a " I HAVE TO HAVE IT NOW!" mood on Friday, here are the results.

This arrived yesterday. 4ply Merino in Earth colourway from
here. I have lusted for this for a while not sure if it will be socks or a shawl, I will keep you posted.

After seeing Nora's fabulous seasilk clapotis on BDK and getting to fondle the seasilk in person (thanks BP!), I just had to have it as well. Genius pairing of the seasilk and clap pattern by Nora, cant wait to get started! Handmaiden yarns can be founde here.

So that is my very quick update, I have some FO's to post about (including pictures), and promise to do it soon!

ps dont worry my Craft AADC status is not about to be revoked anytime soon, I have 6 projects on the go at the moment!