Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday The 13th Has Made Me Giggle!

I have a real bad case of the giggles today.

  • I have been giggling about farts. 'cos they are funny!
  • I giggled when a gay friend told me that if he was straight he would have jumped me. It was funny because he never even considered whether I would let him jump me.
  • I giggled after I made a job offer to a really lovely girl who just squealed with delight about coming to work with us, crazy kid! ( I heart making the happy phone call, now I have to make a not so happy one!)
And then I realised what the date was, and superstitious me thought it has turned into a pretty fun day, not the black Friday I would have expected if I realised what the date was.

And onto the business. I did cave on part of The Rule yesterday.
I purchased some Lambs Pride worsted yarn that is on sale from here. It is on sale. I couldnt resist. I bought enough for 2 cardigans and a couple of beanies and scarves. I fell so dirty now, like I have cheated on The Rule or something! BUT I do promise NOT to break the part of the rule that says, ONE PROJECT AT A TIME!!

Here is me, heading to cave land.

So, this weekend involves the Clap(otis) and Season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Wish me luck!!


Rose Red said...

oooh Season 5 of Buffy...sounds tempting. I have just started season 5 of Angel (after watching Buffy 1-7 and Angel 1-4) so I'll be back to Buffy again soon. Perhaps I'll knit my clappy whilst watching Buffy...

Bells said...

we should all have a virtual Buffy-Knit fest. What do you reckon? :-)

Nice twist on Black Friday Shaz. Lovely.

I have so far resisted hitting the link you posted. WILL NOT LOOK.

Jejune said...

Ahh, if it's on sale it doesn't count, does it? I think SALE cancels out ANY Rule - it's trumps!

SadieandLance said...

Hey I love that you're posting lots lately!!

That's a great black Friday.