Friday, April 27, 2007

It's Harder Than I thought!

Giving Seasilk away.

I have considered keeping it for myself. I had a major discussion with myself about it. Ok, the discussion was really with Princess Meena, who gave me her "OMG, my pet human is a nutter!!" look! I came to the conclusion that although it is very beautiful and feels so wonderful on your skin, I just would not wear it. That and the fact that a little voice had been telling me for weeks that it would really suit my friend and be the perfect Birthday present. So I came to the conclusion that this item was really destined for another.

So as Eimer's Birthday is in October (and it is a BIG milestone), I decided to give it to her yesterday. And she was THRILLED. Everything about the Clap(otis) from it's design and especially the colour, suits Eimer.
And in a major coincidence (or maybe it is not) she had been thinking that morning that she would really like a scarf to drape around her neck. Cool huh!!

On the WIP front, I have finished the back, Left Front and am 1/3 through the Right Front of a cardigan. Yay for me!!! Will post some pitures over the weekend.

I need some procrastination related advice. Does sewing count with regards to The Rule? I mean if I sew an item of clothing on the weekend, does that constitute more than 1 project at a time? Can I bend The Rule if a project involves another craft?? The reason I ask? I recently purchased this pattern, and I have the perfect material for it already (and all the notions). So is it wrong to make it while in the middle of the knitting project I am working on??
So many questions??

ps I guess this sewing project constitutes the "LOOK A BIRD" in the ENFP prayer! :)


Jejune said...

Congratulations on parting with your Clapotis... I'm sure the Knitiverse has noticed, and good things will come your way :)

Sewing definitely does NOT count with The Rule. Sewing projects are different from knitting projects. I LOVE that pattern - very very cool - so go for it!

Rose Red said...

I'm with Jejune - sewing and knitting are COMPLETELY different and so not in breach of the Rule (and besides, I am SURE!)

It is much easier to give away something you love when you know the recipient loves it as much as you do - the clappy looks great on Eimer - what a lovely gift for a friend.

BrownPants said...

I like birds.

Nora said...

Yep, sewing and knitting are 2 entirely different things therefore the rule does NOT apply!

PS: Brownpants cracks me up!

Bells said...

wow, sharing the love is really your thing isn't it? So lovely. Good work. It looks great on its new owner! I would be beside myself with joy to receive such a gift!

And no, sewing doesn't count, like everyone else said. Go sew!

There's only one key rule here - you have to post pictures of the skirt when it's done.