Monday, December 18, 2006

Ssshhhhh! Be Very Quiet!

This is about to be gifted to my good craftin' buddy OCC. Hope she likes it!
And yes Kel, I am still making you a bag, just keep changing my mind on colour and style. And yes Brownpants, you are also on my bag list, got a very funky design in mind for you. :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

I Feel Naked!

No, I really do. I didn't pack any knitting to bring to work today (Have work Christmas party tonite) and I fell very out of sorts. There is something comforting to know that you have knitting at hand if you should feel the need, and believe me I usually do!

Generally I meet OCC every lunch time at GJ's in N Syd to knit, whine about work and generally de-stress until we have to down sticks & go back to the mines. Bells, I know how you feel about the weird comments when you KIP, but we just get strange looks. I think people on the north side of the harbour bridge are too polite to talk, they just give you these quick glances and look away if you smile back. Odd bods! The only people who have ever spoken to us were a couple of Americans who just thought it was cool that we were knitting.

This week however, OCC has been away for work :( so I have been left to mope around the office. AND to top it all off I am going to miss the impromptu SNB at Brownpants's on Sunday as I will be kayaking with Action Man. :( :( It will be fun, but I hope my arms don't get too sore as I have to finish some knitting for xmas!!

I will have some more photos of goodies I have made in the next few days, cant post them until I give them to their new owners!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Knitting Epiphany!

So , I was driving to work today and thinking about knitting. Not a very safe thing to do, I should have been concentrating on the road (that was for the benefit of any work colleagues who may read this blog. HUGE safety culture in this organisation!). I was marvelling at my knitting skills, as I am currently knitting a lace shawl AND a cami with lace detail on the bottom (pattern courtesy of the lovely Nora). Then I remembered that it was only May 2005 that I learnt to knit.

You see I am a crocheter. Have been since I was 8. And I have sewed and embroidered etc since I can remember. My Mum was never into knitting, she does nearly every craft know to man, and is an extraordinary quilter, but not really into knitting. It was on a long Craft weekend away with some amazing girls, that I finally learned to knit. I laugh now as it took me 3 days to knit a beanie, one that I now whip up in a couple of hours!

So after driving over the Sydney Harbour Bridge feeling like I was the worlds best knitter doing the "I am so great, I am so great, everyone loves me 'cos I am so great!" dance in my car (I will do live renditions , on request), I realised something. It is not that I am a super dooper fantastic knitter, I have just conquered my fear of the unknown in knitting. Where once I looked at cables and lace knitting and thought "That is so hard, I will never be able to do it", I now look at patterns and can break it down to the stitches. "Yep, I can k, p, yo, k2tog psso, I CAN do that!". Talk about an epiphany! I should write a book, or better still open a store! (nudge nudge wink wink on that one!).

I am still a committed crocheter, even though my love and appreciation of knitting has grown so much. In fact I will post some stuff I have been working on really soon.

But for now here is a picture of the Forest Canopy Shawl I am knitting. At the moment it is on straight needles (due to a lack of Bamboo circulars in my needle collection) and is about halfway done.

I am using Merino 4ply from The Knittery in the Grace colourway. The close up does not do the leaf pattern justice, it is just evidence of my poor photography!!

What the???

Well the last couple of weeks have been mad, work is out of control and it wont slow down until April 07! After all the whining about pursuing a career in HR I am beginning to wonder whether I have made the right choice! People can be so ungrateful, but that is another blog!!

So, what have I been up to? Well here goes.....
Two weeks ago, I stuffed up at work. I had a deadline for producing information for our bonus (I like to call it Yarn money!!) in February. Had 2 weeks to do it and the day before it was due I thought I should double check the instructions to make sure I hadnt missed anything before submitting the work. Realised I hadnt done a huge chunk of it (thanks to skimming over the instructions initially) so had to do it all in 24 hours! Monday night at 7.30pm I accidentally deleted everything I worked on. Called the helpdesk (in India) hysterical and nearly in tears, and they told me it would take 2 days to retrieve it (from the IT helpdesk in Malaysia) and it would be quicker to redo it. So I went home.
So on Tuesday I came in at 7am, got it all done (again) before the 3pm deadline. Submitted it for authorisation and went home.
Then on Wednesday I came in to work as normal, feeling pretty pleased with myself, opened my emails to find that there had been a system error and we had to delete our worksheets and start again! Only problem was that because I had submitted the original work, I had to wait 2 days for the helpdesk to delete the work so I could start again. Third time lucky, it was finally done by the end of the week. Until Stage 2 of the process that is!

So that week was crazy but funny, if that makes sense??

In amongst it all I went through a "I am too tired to knit" stage but have now got my craft mojo back! It is funny though, even though I was reallly busy and too tired to craft, I still made time to read my favorite blogs (Brownpants, Sadieandlance, Blackdog knits & Bels), guess I am really a bit of a blog voyeur!

ps. I have photos at home, but thought I would take a 5 minute break to tell you all what I have been up to. I really do promise to blog again very soon!