Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just a quick one!

ok, it has been a while.
Lots been happening.
I have had my first WTF am I doing here moment.
Shortly followed by the I hate this place, the English are mad I tell you (mad, mwahahahaha!).

And now I am more settled.

I have a place to live. Here:

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Putney Heath. Right above the K in Kingston Rd. On prtsmouth rd, surrounded by heath. And I have a local pub, it is so cute, looks like it is in the country (BP, you would be so impressed!). I will post photos soon.

And about that. I am staying with a friend in Surbiton (out woop woop) and have left the cable for my camera in Golders Green (less out woop woop, but in North London). So no photos at the moment.

And Rose Red, I have many new shoes to show you.

And yarn, OMG the yarn!

And then there is this.

He he he! Yes I am evil, but you know you love me anyway!!

Missing you all, more than you know!