Friday, June 30, 2006

Meerkats Rock!

So it has been a while since I have posted, as my friend Sadie and Lance has been reminding me. I have no new craft photos, but do have news.
  1. Jumper. I am still coming to terms with the 2 needle debacle. A little bit nervy about starting the intarsia pattern, but will muddle through.
  2. Beanies. Have two to make, one for self and one for friend.
  3. Fingerless gloves. For me, so that I can wear them while knitting.

In non-craft News.....
I have booked in for Speed Dating on the 20 July with my good budy Ms Mandie. We are both a bit nervous, but it should be alot of fun. The thought of speed dating makes me feel like a meerkat, on the look out for the predators on the savannah.

If all else fails, I am leaving the state on July 21 (only for 3 days) so I should be able to outrun the crazies!! :)

So that is me for now, catch ya soon!! Shazmina

ps meerkats are one of my all time favorite animals, they are cute and kooky!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Craft Show Goodies

Last weekend was the Quilt and Craft show at Darling Harbour, tres excitement for the crafty ones in Sydney! Mrs Bendi came down from QLD and braved the cold weather for it. We had a great day at the show with Al, Brown Pants and the Bendi's. Below are some of the goodies that Shazmina made off with!
Bendigo Woolen Mills: Not a great photo, but I picked up some lavender 12 ply wool/Mohair to make a Jo Sharp cardigan for Mrs Bendi. Didnt have the heart to tell her about my condition (ADD) and the likelihood of her receiving said cardigan in next year! The moss green 8ply cotton is for another Jo Sharp cardigan pattern and I think I will knit it in spring/summer, might make a nice light weight project.

Hot Possum purchase: Mrs Bendi purchased the pattern and some Amy Butler Fat Quaters for Shazmina's Xmas present. I need to find some more fat quaters (love that term), material for backing and edging and then put Mrs Bendi to work!

After the quilt show Mrs Bendi gave Brown Pants a quilting tutorial. She was abit worried as Brown Pants was getting sicker by the minute, but all went well. Mrs Bendi is very Happy to bring another quilting convert into the fold!

Kaalund yarns purchase: And finally something I bought for myself. This yarn is beautifully hand dyed in Australia (Brisvegas) and the photos truly dont do them justice. They base their colours on the Australian bush, on the left is wisteria which is blue/green and purple and on the right is waterlily which is blue, green, purple and pink. It is a bulky weight, so I am going to make a beanie and maybe a scarf, havent quite decided yet.

So that is my haul from the craft show! Oh, I nearly forgot that I bought some circular needles as well.

Now if I could just complete some projects, all would be well! :)


So here I am finally talking craft! No crazy Biscuitness today!!!!!

Current Projects:

Project 1: Knitted bag for sista Bendi. Status: incomplete. Needs to be sewn together and lining attached.

Project 2: Sprogwarmer Blankie Status: Final squares and backing to be sewn on.

And I had to include a photo of the Amigurumi Monsuta that jumped off my crochet hook and has made a new home with Sadie and Lance.

The Status of Project 3: Pirate Jumper, will be o in my next update!

Catchya then!


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Biscuit Craziness!

So, I got the biggest suprise today. I went to collect the mail (I am the "go-to girl" at work) and I had a package from my good craftin' buddy Sadie and Lance (I really must learn how to put in a link).

Imagine my suprise when I opened it and saw these beauties!

BISCUITS!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! And let me tell you they are full of deliciousness! I do feel a little piggy as I did a raid on the biscuit barrel on my way back from the mail room. Oh well, I will have to eat them as well!!!

Viva la Biscuit!


aka Crazy Biscuit lady

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Yoo Hoo! Over here!!

So, my good craftin' buddy Sadie and Lance, has noticed that I have not updated my blog in a while so here I am posting!!

And the reason for my silence? I have been experiencing some technical difficulties, I can't remember how to download photos from my camera to my computer so I am currently holding alot of piccies of craft waiting to be posted. That is my story, and I am sticking to it!

In the mean time, I remembered that I always carry a project to work, in case the mood strikes me and I have to knit, or in case I want to impress that cute boy on the train with my crafting. Ok, that has never happened, the seeing a cute guy on the train bit, I usually see them on the platform and then lose them when we get on the train (gee, I sound like a scary stalker now!).

Anywho, here is a photo of my travel project. I am knitting the Umbilical cord hat from the first S'n"B book in the varigated Merino Bambino yarn that I bought from Spotlight B.B (before boycott). Kind of cute huh! Not sure who it is for yet, but will keep you posted.

Speaking of the Boycott, Shazmina's Mum is in agreement (right on sista!) she actually thinks it is "disgusting". She is becoming a political activist in her later years, having told Shazmina's Dad her views on WorkChoices (what choice?) legislation and Australia's involvement in Iraq. Lets just say you should never talk about politics or religion in the Bendi family! :)

So what is Shazmina working on now, I hear you say?? Well as she has always wanted to be a pirate, (arrrggghhh me hearty, raise the anchor and lets be off!) she is knitting a pirate jumper. Captain Jack Sparrow eat your heart out! Having been taught how to adjust a pattern for different yarn by the Yarn goddess at Yarns on Line, she has hit a minor obstacle (adjusting the intarsia pattern) which has slowed down production. But I will finish it, oh yes I will! I want to wear it during my trip to Melbourne to visit the cool kids, Sadie and Lance.

Will keep you updated on my pirate progress, and I will post again when I have the camera thing-a-ma-jiggy worked out!!

Viva la Craft! Shazmina

Friday, June 02, 2006

Honey Jumbles and Weekend Treasure

This, I promise, is the last in the biscuits of Australia series. It will definately be the last because my waistline and my cholesterol cant take anymore!!

This weekend will be busy for Shazmina, I have to complete the sprogwarmer blanket for our good craftin' buddy KT and her new bundle of joy. I also need to finish a bag I have been making. At present I am trying to knit the frill, 320 stitches!!! I am only half way through knitting the first row!! So that and cleaning my house in preparation for Mim's (that is my Mum) visit, will make for a pretty full on weekend!

My only other promise is to load some craft photos, so you will all realise that I am much more than the crazy biscuit lady!!! (mwa ha ha ha!)