Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Clap(otis) Disaster

On Friday I discovered that I had "over shot" the increase rows of the latest Clap(otis), you know the lace weight one. As I wondered why the bloody thing was taking so long to knit, I re-read the pattern notes.

So, you know the increase part of the pattern where you knit 6 repeats (12 rows in a repeat).

Well I knit an extra 7 REPEATS!

That is 84 extra increase rows on a lace weight Clap(otis) people!

And that is all I am going to say about that!

Monday, January 07, 2008


I am quietly freakin' out. Not because it is January 8 and I am in the middle of our bonus "season" here at work (yes, there are weather systems associated with our bonuses!). Not because I am still completing Christmas craft (don't ask & my apologies to those people who received their gifts in 2008. Woops!).

I am, just quietly, freakin' out because I am moving to London. Yep, the United Kingdom. Home of Rowan and Colinette. And I am planning to be in London for April 1, 2008.

And now you know why I am freakin' out.

I have to renew passport. Apply for Ancestry visa. Sell ALL my goods and chattels. Find a home for Princess Meena (trying not to think about that one, it makes me very sad).

And I have already hit minor hurdles. NEVER let your passport expire. I did and so far I have had one passport interview which was a disaster. Photo was wrong. AND I signed outside of the box. I wish I could show you all just how many mm's of my signature was outside the box. Bureaucracy! So now I am trying to organise another photo (I have already cut up 1 set of photos) and new forms.

And I am trying not to think about the people I will miss while I am gone. I keep telling myself that I will still be talking to you all via blogland. And that I will become your supplier of Colinette and Rowan (OMG I am trying to be a pusher like Rose Red!).

But I am just freakin' out. I don't like goodbyes. Have made too many in my life. I think it is because we moved around a bit when I was a kid ( I am an Army brat), that I have a particular hatred of them. Anyways I try and avoid them if I can, but this time I am going to be brave and face it head on.

And yes, I am excited. Excited about meeting men with accents (ok, I have a particular weakness for English/Irish/Scottish accents. And I want to develop a weakness for Spanish accents!). Travelling around Europe. Spending time getting to know my sister again. And knitting big warm woolly things for cold winters. YUM!!!!

Crikey! Lots to do, lots to knit, before I go.

So what am I up to craft wise at the moment?

  • Xmas craft. Still.
  • And then some more Xmas craft! Still!
  • Finding homes for more of these little fellas.

This is Melvin. He recently attended a NYE party, where he totally disgraced himself after too many G & T's. Bad Alien bear!

And there is the never ending lace Clap(otis), a Le Slouch, another lace Clap(will I ever learn??) and the beginning of Birthday craft. How can it be that I know soooooooo many people who are born in March?? What is that about??

So as I practice my deep breathing and meditation techniques, you will understand why I am not writing any NY resolution lists or goals. I have so many lists going at the moment it would get lost in the crowd!!

So the only thing I am promising myself, and you my gentle readers, is that I WILL visit Colinette in Wales in 2008!!