Monday, April 30, 2007

It went something like this...

12.30am today. Sitting on a couch at Gloria Jean's in North Sydney, our heroine (Shazmina Bendi) pulls out her knitting (current project a baby related surpirse!). She ponders life and how cute that boy is over the other side of the room. She puts on glasses and realises that he is not cute at all, so she takes them off and goes back to believing that there are attractive men in North Sydney.

She waits patiently for the arrival of her good crafting buddy, Al.

SB: Hey you are finally here! (Here being GJ's in N Sydney)

Al: Yeah just managed to get out. Where is your show & tell?

SB: Ok, here it is (with flourish, pull item from sportsgirl bag). But I need a favour, can you try on so I can take a photo for my blog?
Al: Sure ( Takes off scarf and puts on said item). The colour is great and it fits pretty well (over a collared work shirt).

SB: Well that's good, because I knit it for you.

Al: YOU WHAT?? OMG SHAZMINA IT'S GREAT! (continues swooning).

Quick Knit jacket, Jo Sharp Knit 3
Lambs pride Worsted, Chianti

And that my friends, is pretty much what happened at lunch today.

ps. I should also state, that I am not a saint. The reason I knitted the above jacket for Al, is as a return gift for a Jumper (Jo Sharp Knit 2) that she gave me.

Friday, April 27, 2007

It's Harder Than I thought!

Giving Seasilk away.

I have considered keeping it for myself. I had a major discussion with myself about it. Ok, the discussion was really with Princess Meena, who gave me her "OMG, my pet human is a nutter!!" look! I came to the conclusion that although it is very beautiful and feels so wonderful on your skin, I just would not wear it. That and the fact that a little voice had been telling me for weeks that it would really suit my friend and be the perfect Birthday present. So I came to the conclusion that this item was really destined for another.

So as Eimer's Birthday is in October (and it is a BIG milestone), I decided to give it to her yesterday. And she was THRILLED. Everything about the Clap(otis) from it's design and especially the colour, suits Eimer.
And in a major coincidence (or maybe it is not) she had been thinking that morning that she would really like a scarf to drape around her neck. Cool huh!!

On the WIP front, I have finished the back, Left Front and am 1/3 through the Right Front of a cardigan. Yay for me!!! Will post some pitures over the weekend.

I need some procrastination related advice. Does sewing count with regards to The Rule? I mean if I sew an item of clothing on the weekend, does that constitute more than 1 project at a time? Can I bend The Rule if a project involves another craft?? The reason I ask? I recently purchased this pattern, and I have the perfect material for it already (and all the notions). So is it wrong to make it while in the middle of the knitting project I am working on??
So many questions??

ps I guess this sewing project constitutes the "LOOK A BIRD" in the ENFP prayer! :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Watch Where You're Craftin'!

And here is some more evidence of the "safety is paramount" culture at work. This is the view as you come out of the Ladies bathroom on my floor. Yep, they are mirrors!

So the weekend passed by with the completion of the Clap(otis), working on a cardigan, and doing some embroidery. All while watching some videos, including Nacho Libre which I adored, mainly because of the farting. I was in hysterics! A very silly movie, if you are in a very silly mood.

I have finally started on a project, with my Mum. It is for a friend, a belated Birthday surprise (and not baby related). And it wont take forever to complete, Mum has been cracking the whip from afar!! :)

I am enjoying the embroidery, it helps that I "acquired" a book from my Mum during my last visit. Very easy to follow pictures of all the stitches you could imagine and then some.

Is anyone else enjoying Monday as much as I have? I think it is because we have a public Holiday in Australia on Wednesday. Knowing there is a day off mid week makes anything bearable!

For those non-Aussies & Kiwis, the holiday is for Anzac Day. A day when we remember those who died in war and thank those who are still among us. This year I am celebrating Anzac Day by having a mini SNB with a friend. For me it will be a time to think about those women who stayed at home, kept the home fires burning, worked to keep the country running and knitted for the troops. Growing up an Army brat (and that is a whole other story!), I wondered if people realised how hard it is for the families of soldiers, when they are away from home, either on assignment or active duty, especially in wartime. You are kind of a part of it, you know what is going on, but the effects on you are not considered, if that makes sense. You just muddle through and try and make sense of it yourself.

So that is how my grandmother, Edna, met my grandfather, Alfred. She was working for Mastercraft (a confectionery company) and the company was putting together care packages to be sent to soldiers in WW2. Against the rules, she slipped in a note to the unknown soldier with a promise to write if he replied. And he did. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ladies, Introducing the Clap(otis)

I would like to introduce you all to my clap(otis), completo!!

Isnt she lovely? I HIGHLY recommend Handmaiden Seasilk, it is just beautiful to knit with. Can't wait to get my hands on some more! And the pattern was great, easy to follow.

When I purchased the yarn, I had to have it FOR ME! I was going to do a FOR ME project. But as I started knitting the clap, it just became ever more apparent that it was not FOR ME. Although I love the colour, it just suited a friend more. She has seen it grow, gave me so much encouragement, told me how good a knitter I was (who doesnt love hearing that!) that I realised all this time I had been knitting it for her. She is not a knitter, a muggle if you will, but has such a reverance for craft and community that I know she would fit right in with all my crafty buddies. Oh, and she wants to learn to knit!! So I think the Clap is going to a good home.

I also realised that I have a hard time knitting for myself. Every time I start something for me it generally turns out to be for someone else. I think maybe it is becuse I justify buying beautiful yarn by saying I am going to make it into something for someone else. So to try and balance this out, I am going to work on something FOR ME. Yep, I am going to start the Forest Canopy Shawl in the Cherry Tree Hill yarn that was gifted to me by Brownpants.

Here is one, right side up, of the previous Forest Canopy Shawl. I still chuckle at photographing this the wrong side up!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

"The Drama"

This post has been playing on my mind for the last week, long before I read Bells post (shameless self promotion me, but Bells is so damn cute!). I feel like I should write this before my awards list.

A blog friend made me aware of yet more drama in blogland. This post is NOT about "The Drama". When I read about "The Drama" it made me think alot about blogging. Some comments in "The Drama" really made me think about the masks we humans wear. I wondered if some people use their blogs as a way of doing or saying things they would never do in real life. It could free you from crippling shyness or a lack of self confidence or it could give a person a forum for those nasty thoughts in their head. I wondered if when confronted with the same situation ("The Drama") in a face to face situation how they would react.

What I decided to do about "The Drama" was to tell you all that this blog is an honest representation of me. Well as close as I can get, I have left out some of the colourful details of my life mainly because there is a time and place, and this blog is definately NOT it!

Use the Handrail, watch your step, put a safe foot forward.

I am not one of those people that can self edit, I pretty much tell people everything about me. Especially if I do something silly (sometimes, I think I should be a comedian), that has made me laugh, I like to share. In fact I think that is at the core of my being. Share it all I say!!

I have tried very hard to be true to myself and what I believe. I try to say it like it is (in my reality anyway). Now sometimes, like most people I falter, but generally I try and be a good person and treat others the way I would like to be treated.

I guess more than anything I am at peace with myself. All the experiences I have had in my life, good and bad, have made me who I am, and I like me!

So Bells was right, I am pretty honest. I put it all out there. Just ask some of my good craftin' buddies, they know waaaaaay too much of the colourful stuff and probably wish sometimes I wouldnt share so much!

And that, in a nutshell, is how I am dealing with "The Drama".

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Clap(otis) almost completo!

So here it is, the clap. I am just about to start the decreases, so it is all down hill from here! I have put an extra 4 repeats in the body for some extra length. Oh, and this photo is right side up!! :)

I am feeling a little sad that I am nearly finished working with this seasilk. It is so beautiful to work with. Good thing I have got another 2 balls coming in the next couple of months!!!!

I received my yarn purchase yesterday. 12 balls of Lambs Pride worsted in various colours. So many projects! I feel like my skin is itching with all the possibilities!!

BUT until I finish the Clap, they will have to remain thoughts in my cluttered mind!!

ps I didnt really torment Jam(ie), we did have fun at the zoo. Shazmina's inner child came out to play, she can be a bit naughty!! Jam(ie) did have a tantrum but his Mum assured me it was on the cards, regardless of the lizard dance!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I am Knackered!

I Just spent the day at Taronga Zoo. (view from zoo to Sydney).

A friend, who now lives in country NSW (Inverell) is down for the school holidays with her 5 year old. Meet my friend Jam(ie). ( I am the big grumpy Gorilla giving you evils!!)

We had a great time, except the bit where I may, or may not, have induced a temper tantrum after dancing around saying (and I quote) "I've got your lizard and you have got none, nah nah nah nah, naaaaaaaaaaaa!!" Oh, and I may or may not have taken his elephant mask as well.

I pity my future/potential children! :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Inner Turmoil or Just an Excuse??

Reading Rose Red's blog got me thinking about my Myers Briggs Type (see her profile). I am an ENFP. So was Bill Clinton. Like Bill (or is it unlike Bill?? LOL), I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Unlike Bill Clinton I do not like cigars.

Anywho, I was reading a profile of my type and a few things jumped out at me. "ENFP's have a lot of ideas and initiative, and like to have lots of things going on at the same time."

So am I fighting my Type? Should I continue with multiple projects??? Is procrastination part of my nature??? Am I using MBTI to justify my NEED (And it is a burning NEED) to work on multiple projects at the same time? You bet!

The other funny thing about being ENFP is that this Type is often called a celebrator/Enthusiast. So now I know where all that gushing comes from!!

So here is a FO, one of a very few it seems! Forest Canopy Shawl I have made, for my Mum, from 4ply yarn from the Knittery (who doesnt love that site!). I think the colourway is Grace. My first, and so far only piece of lace I have knitted. Yes Jejune, you are so right. The Cherry Tree Hill would look great as this shawl........
mmmm new project.........

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thats a Wrap, I mean Clap!

A quick wrap of the weekend (yes that pun was intended, I have been watching Buffy after all!).
* Had braces tightened, back on soft food diet. I am over it.
* Finished Season 5 of Buffy.
* Finished 5 repeats of the body of the Clap. About to begin the decreases.
* Started watching season 1 of Angel.
* Helped friend choose some patterns for baby items, for her to make not me!
* Spent some quality time with this beautiful skein.

I was given 3 of these babies for my birthday last year. I was initially going to make a full sized clap(otis) with them. Then I was thinking a shawl. Now I am not sure. If anyone has a suggestion, feel free to let me know. It is Cherry Tree Hill DK Silk Merino blend, in Peacock colourway (approx 850m).

So the effort to fight procrastination is going well so far. As far as I can figure it is about perserverance. Lucky I am stubborn, thats all I can say!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday The 13th Has Made Me Giggle!

I have a real bad case of the giggles today.

  • I have been giggling about farts. 'cos they are funny!
  • I giggled when a gay friend told me that if he was straight he would have jumped me. It was funny because he never even considered whether I would let him jump me.
  • I giggled after I made a job offer to a really lovely girl who just squealed with delight about coming to work with us, crazy kid! ( I heart making the happy phone call, now I have to make a not so happy one!)
And then I realised what the date was, and superstitious me thought it has turned into a pretty fun day, not the black Friday I would have expected if I realised what the date was.

And onto the business. I did cave on part of The Rule yesterday.
I purchased some Lambs Pride worsted yarn that is on sale from here. It is on sale. I couldnt resist. I bought enough for 2 cardigans and a couple of beanies and scarves. I fell so dirty now, like I have cheated on The Rule or something! BUT I do promise NOT to break the part of the rule that says, ONE PROJECT AT A TIME!!

Here is me, heading to cave land.

So, this weekend involves the Clap(otis) and Season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Wish me luck!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Introducing, the Clap(otis)

So here is the clapotis in seasilk. 'aint she a beaut?? I still have 3 repeats of the body and the decreases to go, but you get the picture. I currently have 50g of the seasilk to go, so I think I will add some extra repeats in the body (after I put a life line in case I have to frog some of it!)

I have decided that my next project I will start (after the clap) will be finishing off the Stella cardigan.

I have completed the back and started the RS front before my new found rule came into play.

So far (ok it has been less than 24 hours) The Rule, is going ok. I keep reminding myself that it is all about the perserverance. So Perservere I will!!

added 4.09pm. I have just broken part of The Rule and purchased some yarn....... I just couldnt help myself!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More About Procrastination

If something is boring after two minutes,
try it for four.
If still boring, try it for eight, sixteen, thirty-two, and so on.
Eventually, one discovers, that it is not boring but very interesting.
Zen saying

A wise woman once said "ONE PROJECT ONLY - including socks"
BDK 2007

After much thought and internal debate, I have decided on my own personal challenge. Based on the above, I am only going to work on my UFO's - ONE AT A TIME - until they are completed. Only then can I start new projects/purchase new wool. I feel it is the only way to overcome my affliction.

To begin with I am going to concentrate on the seasilk Clapotis. Here is the gratutious yarn porn shot of the seasilk.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

About Procrastination

If you can't be a good example,
then you'll just have to be a horrible warning.
Catherine Aird

Or I could just call this the guilt post. Or the too much thinking post.

I have been doing alot of thinking lately about exactly why I procrastinate. I have had a long and deeply unsatisfying relationship with procrastination and wasnt sure exactly why I do it. I am not sure I have figured it out either, I have a feeling the reasons are dependant on what I am procrastinating about. Or maybe I dont want to figure it out yet.

My way of "dealing" with anything like this is to become VERY introspective (if you knew me I am thinking that you would feel this is odd and against nature!). So I hide. I know I hide so I tell myself it is ok to hide, I just acknowledge that some day I have to face it, whatever it is.

And so I have begun a process of "outing" myself.

Example 1. I hate cleaning (hello who does really like it??). What makes it funny is that I am good at it!! Anyway, my house is clean, just untidy. Or rather it was, it is now looking pretty good. The reason? A few weekends ago I refused to make any plans with friends so that I couldnt make any excuses to NOT clean & tidy. What made this time different is that I also admitted to a friend that I not only had an untidy house, but exactly how I managed to avoid thinking about cleaning & tidying it. It felt oddly liberating, admitting to a very successful procrastinating technique. Admiting how I hide things from others and most importantly myself.

How do I hide thigs from myself? The technique I use goes something like this. Picture me, hoping from foot to foot, fingers in ears and eyes tightly closed, while singing "I'm not listening, I'm not listening!" (ok, I am not looking either!)Childish behaviour, yes. I have been successfully using it for at least 35 years! But after admitting my procrastination (and the technique) to said friend, well strangely enough, I felt compelled to clean house!!

In terms of procrastinating and craft, well I have a really bad habit of starting craft projects and then not finishing them. It doesnt come down to ability, hey even BP has said I am fearless when it comes to craft (which is a HUGE compliment coming from her!). And maybe I am when I start, but cant just manage to get it across the finish line. I will just ignore, even erase it from my memory. Pretend it did not exist so that I can not feel guilty.

So there it is. Guilt, an emotion no one likes, especially me. I am going to "out" myself, I will begin to list the things I am working on AND I will update you on how they are going.

But for today I am going to "out" myself about something else. Soulcradler, BP's good buddy was in Sydney for Easter. We had planned to catch up and a few things happened, nothing that was that momentous to stop our meeting, but it did. Or rather I let it stop us meeting. My being stubborn and not wanting to change other plans (and falling asleep on my couch while watching Buffy) meant that I missed meeting this gorgeous creature and may have upset the gorgeous BP (that is guilt and grovelling at it's finest!!). I feel I will have some 'xplaining to do, and some grovelling, and I know exactly how......... (stay tuned)

But for now, here is a litle something for Soulcradler, a congrats for her first term as a teacher. This one is for you!!

ps you may have guessed that my most successful procrastination technique is thinking too much and not doing......... got to work on that one!! :)

pps Need to follow Nora's advice and work on 1 project at a time. I know it's the right thing to do, it just feels so wrong!! :)