Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More About Procrastination

If something is boring after two minutes,
try it for four.
If still boring, try it for eight, sixteen, thirty-two, and so on.
Eventually, one discovers, that it is not boring but very interesting.
Zen saying

A wise woman once said "ONE PROJECT ONLY - including socks"
BDK 2007

After much thought and internal debate, I have decided on my own personal challenge. Based on the above, I am only going to work on my UFO's - ONE AT A TIME - until they are completed. Only then can I start new projects/purchase new wool. I feel it is the only way to overcome my affliction.

To begin with I am going to concentrate on the seasilk Clapotis. Here is the gratutious yarn porn shot of the seasilk.

Wish me luck!


SadieandLance said...

Yay seasilk yarn and clapotis!

Nora said...

Good luck!!

BTW, I didn't say anything about buying yarn! Feel free to buy yarn whenever you please...

Good luck (again). x

Bells said...

can I roll around naked in that stuff? Seriously. That's what it's asking me to do!

And good luck!

2paw said...

Lots of luck!! It is a far, far better thing you do, than I have ever done!!!

SoulCradler said...

Gee, you had to give us more of the seasilk, eh? I can't wait to see it in clapotis form. Good luck!