Thursday, April 12, 2007

Introducing, the Clap(otis)

So here is the clapotis in seasilk. 'aint she a beaut?? I still have 3 repeats of the body and the decreases to go, but you get the picture. I currently have 50g of the seasilk to go, so I think I will add some extra repeats in the body (after I put a life line in case I have to frog some of it!)

I have decided that my next project I will start (after the clap) will be finishing off the Stella cardigan.

I have completed the back and started the RS front before my new found rule came into play.

So far (ok it has been less than 24 hours) The Rule, is going ok. I keep reminding myself that it is all about the perserverance. So Perservere I will!!

added 4.09pm. I have just broken part of The Rule and purchased some yarn....... I just couldnt help myself!!


SoulCradler said...

Ooooh, a round of applause for the Clap! (I am certain that line must have been used before). It must be a great incentive that you have to finish one project before starting the next.

Nora said...

Oh wow!!! A pale pink Stella! I love it! The curling sides are a bit much though. Sorry. They annoyed the hell out of me too.

Nora said...

Me again. I also love your clapotis but... I LOVE STELLA MORE! MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!

Bells said...

oh this is exciting and fun to watch! Hooray!!!!

SadieandLance said...

Yay lots of updates! Clap looks fab so does the Stella cardy. Keep it up. Buying yarn every now and then is OK.

Rose Red said...

Thanks for visiting - I could say the same about your blog - I am such a bad (or is that good) procrastinator, so I'm totally with you on that issue! I'll be back!