Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Small Delights

"A multitude of small delights constitute happiness." Charles Baudelaire

And those small delights HAVE to be chocolate related!
There is something in the air this week. I think it is related to the Full Moon in Sagittarius at the end of the week. This is supposed to be auspicious for Sagittarians, and as a silly sag, I am using it as an excuse for the weirdness I am feeling. And the hope that something rooolllly rooolllly cool is just around the corner!

I feel that there is change in the air. But I just cant put my finger on what is about to change. Job, house, relationship. How about it all!!

So gentle readers, this is what I have been working on.

A beret (Jo Sharp Knit 3) from Cleckheaton Vintage Hues in the purple colourway. I seem to be starting a collection of berets, one soon to be made out of this colour.
Hence, the question How many Berets and Beanies are enough for one person? I think I shall gift this purple one away.

And finally the Big Bad Baby Blanket that I am making for Sadie and Lance's big bad baby!!
I am TOTALLY in love with this yarn. 4ply Merino, handyed from The Knittery (Coral Reef Colourway). Ahh Daphne, I think you are the goddess of craft in human form!

It is true. It really is the little things that make you smile!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Random Thoughts

Random Thought 1
Has anyone seen Murphy's Law, Friday night on the ABC? There is something about a receding hairline, big meaty sideburns and a handle bar mustache that really gets me going at the moment! It is all SOOOO wrong and yet so right! wwhhhooooaaaawwwwww!!!

Random Thought 2
Cleckheaton seem to have woken up from a deep slumber and caught a clue. They now have this yarn Vintage Hues. Retails at $4.75 for 83m and yes it is a direct copy of Noro Kureyon. Colours arent too bad either.

Random Thought 3
I hate shopping. This is a new experience for me, as normally the thought of going to a shopping centre excites me no end. I just cant seem to find the clothes I am looking for. And if I do they dont fit properly. I mean really, I have boobs. Boobs people! These latest fashions, which are so lovely, just dont suit ANYONE with boobs. And my girls are not even that big!!!

Random Thought 4
Giving up work to procreate. Ok, so I have actually realised that what I really want to do is to give up work to knit, crochet and create. And who am I kidding, thinking that if I have kids I would be able to do crafty stuff for 100% of my time. Oh and I do want to have kids.

Random Thought 5
How many beanies/shawls/scarves/berets is too many?

Random Thought 6

Look there goes a bird!!

Random Thought 7
I have a burning need for change in some part of my life. Something needs to change. And it needs to happen NOW! I feel like I am in a rut.

Random Thought 8
mmmmmmm handlebar mustache!!!!!!

Random Thought 9
I think I am a gay man trapped in a straight womans body.

Random Thought 10
I need a job that challenges my mind and nourishes my soul.

Final Random Thought.
I need to drink less coffee!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Finally it is the Weekend!

"I try to take one day at a time but sometimes several days attack me at once" Jennifer Unlimited

I feel like an extra in Ground Hog Day, I have been reliving Monday, since (you guessed it!) Monday. Until Thursday when it finally clicked over to Tuesday!!

And now it is the weekend! Woo Bloody Hoo!

I know, I know it has been a while. A while between posts and a while between commenting on the blogs I love to read. Please note that I have been reading them, in amongst swearing at my new work computer while trying to load the camera softwear so that I can photograph and post on my blog during work hours. How inconsiderate of my employer to get in the way of my blogging!!!

But I digress.

I am sure I am not the only one, but I feel like I have written 100 posts in my head. Usually I laugh, usually out loud, at how witty and clever I am. I have really had an attack of the smugs this week!

On several occassions I have been so smug (just how smug Shazmina??) that I boasted to all and sundry about how good I am. Only to realise that I had made a complete balls up of whatever it was that I was working on and had to start again. This has happened in both my work and personal (and by personal I mean knitting) life. The Goddess of Craft has well and truly hit me with the Smug stick!!

And I deserved it. A lesson in humility is what I needed.

So instead of rushing head long into whatever it is I am working on, I am taking a deep breath. Reading instructions. And then reading them again. And then I start. It seems to be working for me so far, tomorrow I will have photographic proof.

But until then gentle readers, I have this.

This is how I imagine all of us. Huddling together, giving each other support and encouragement in our yarny, bloggy lives. I just ADORE Meerkats. AND I heart all you guys!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Conspiracy Theory

Well the last week has been manic. So much so that I have not had a spare moment (at work) to check my emails, read my favorite blogs or post. And then there is Princess Meena.

It all started on Thursday, when I was out of the office all afternoon. I would love to tell you that I was at a HR meeting, which is kind of true. Except that we were meeting at a French Restaraunt in Crows Nest for a long lunch to farewell a colleague who is relocating to our office in China.

That night, Princess Meena decided was the prime time to make funny noises and thow up all over my carpet. I am used to this except that it was not the result of a hairball and the funny noise was a new one. It kind of sounded like "Will you please stop feeding me this rubbish and give me whatever it is that you are eating or I will vomit all over the carpet! And dont say I didnt warn you!". Lucky me, tipsy, full of chocolate souffle and cleaning up regurgitated fish!

Friday was mad as well. Lots happening in HR land over here. So when I finally had a chance to post, I got a comment telling me to check my emails. And so I did. Yay, got invited to meet Bells, Rose Red and Nora. Without hesitation I replied yes I will be there! And so I started planning what I was going to wear (will I wear something I have knitted?) and what show and tell I would bring along. I love Show and Tell. Loved it as a kid and I especially love it now. I am the sort of person that has to show you EVERYTHING new that I own. Particularly when it comes to craft and sharing with my crafty chicas.

So I wake up on Saurday and am all excited. In what is now known as "The Conspiracy" to keep me from meeting Bells, Rose Red and Nora, Princess Meena noticed my exictement 'cos she started acting all listless and weird. Well weirder than normal. So I decided the time had come for a visit to the Vet. I nearly cried when the Vet told me the only appointment she had was 1.30pm.

So with a heavy heart, and death stares at Princess Meena, I let Bells know that there was a change to my plan and it didnt look like I could make it.

The vet visit was interesting. She could find nothing wrong with Princess Meena. No explanation as to why she was not eating. A slight temperature but no lumps in her belly. And then came the kicker. If Meena was not eating by Monday, she would have to be hospitalised until they could figure out what was wrong. It was funny, becuase what I heard the vet say was "So basically your yarn/craft budget for at least the next 12 months will be spent trying to figure out what is going on with Princess Meena". Ok, heartless I am not. But that is really what was racing through my mind when I heard the word "Hospitalised".

"The Conspiracy" conitinued when, within an hour of coming home from the Vets, Princess Meena ate. I kid you not, 1 hour after the visit. So the rest of the weekend was spent on poo patrol and giving the princess cat laxatives (yes there is such a thing!). Thankfully I had the last season of Buffy to keep me entertained!

And as a final positive from the weekend, I finished the Forest Canopy Shawl. I still need to block it but at least it is done. And it is gorgeous!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Colour me Peacock!

Before I started "The Shawl" I decided to make a flower brooch for BrownPants. It is only fitting that she have a little something made from this divine yarn as well. Pattern is from Jo Sharp Knit Issue 3, yarn is Cherry Tree Hill DK Silk Merino (flower 1) and Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Worsted in Clematis colourway (flower 2).

I think this photo gives a better indication of the colours in the Cherry Tree Hill yarn.

I now find myself in a bit of a quandry. I have fallen in love with some yarns from the Knittery. The 8ply Silk Merino in the plum colourway. ok, lets face it. I love all the colours!!!

I. Must. Have. It. Now. People!

The problem is I am having trouble deciding what to make. Having seen the yarn in action, I believe I could knit something using 5 to 6mm needles. That is as far as I have got. Has anyone got some suggestions?? Thoughts? Ideas?? And yes, this item will be for me. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Kind of getting into the swing of the "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!" projects!! :)

The "For Shazmina" Project

So it has been a while. I have been pondering many things on my mini blogging break.

  1. I am currently heavily involved in a knitting obsession, to the point where I left a brunch catchup with friends so that I could go home and knit. How long will it last?

  2. The likelihood of a cold snap in Sydney so that I can wear some of the things I am knitting.

  3. The necessity of a trip to the Blue Mountains so that I can wear some of the things I am knitting.

  4. Have noticed that I am more obsessed with knitting than I normally am.

  5. Why is it that the only gay men fight over me? (There is a story here)Should I be concerned that the numbers of gays in my village are increasing exponentially?? Will I ever meet a decent STRAIGHT man?? (that's a rhetorical question, there are many great straight guys out there!).

  6. Why is Princess Meena looking at me like that? She is FREAKIN' ME OUT!!!

  7. Why am I feeding Princess Meena Greenseas Pink Salmon? Should I just change her name to "She who must be obeyed"?

  8. Why do cats and cute little cat clothes not mix??

I love the way my mind works! Makes me laugh..... ALOT!!

So here is what I have been working on during my short hiatus. I have just finished 10 repeats of the Forest Canopy Shawl for ME!! ( only 5 more to go!) It has been kind of strange knitting something for myself. I have made a few mistakes, but instead of frogging I have either unknit or just fixed it and left the mistake in there. It is not that I don't care, I think it is because there is no pressure for it to be perfect, I am just enjoying the knitting. Kind of cool really!

It has also made me realise that I am obsessively in love with silk. JUST LOVE IT! For the shawl I am using Cherry Tree Hill DK silk merino, in the Peacock colourway. I cant stress enough how wonderful this yarn is to knit with. And this particular colourway is DIVINE! Sometimes when I look at it Blue/green is the main colour, and other times it looks purple. It is just simply stunning and I cant wait to wear it!

So this weekend I will have another finished object to show you all. I cant wait!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Mask

I work for a rather large, old, global company. You know the company, and I can guarantee that all of you own something that was either designed or made or has components that have been made by this company. It sometimes weirds me out how many things this company has invented, including fabrics, dyes for printing on fabrics, man made fibres, the list it seems is endless!

The best thing about working for a global company is that we often have people from other countries come and work in Australia with us. Being in HR I get to meet a lot of them, which I love. Yesterday we had a gentleman from our company in Mexico come and meet with us. He has immigrated to Australia and is hoping to come and work with us. As is the custom of many South American and Asian c
ompanies he presented us with a gift.

When I first saw this I didn't know what to think. Then I decided it reminded me of the mask Jim Carey wears in "The Mask", which instantly made me want to hold it up to my face!! :) I do like the colours of the stones used and the shape of the mask. And the generosity of someone giving a gift to people he has not met, made my day a little brighter!

And on the finisher front (again!) I made some wee little mittens for a newborn. They are for a good craftin' buddy who is preggers. Lots of fun to knit, although it felt strange to go back to small needles after 7mm!
All this finshing projects is making me feel a little weird!!