Monday, November 26, 2007

Remember Me??

I am that girl who used to post here. That is until the pre-birthday introspection kicked in.

Needless to say, that day past with out much drama (it was yesterday), actually I had a really great time. More (including photos) about the Inaugural Shazmina Bendi Lawn Bowls tournament tomorrow.

I have been crafting, and working on a variety of stuff. Some of which I cant talk about quite yet, but here is a sneak peek.

All righty tighty, I need to go and meditate some more before I head back to work tomorrow.

ps meditate is code for a G & T!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Little Bit of Happy

Well, it's not knitting related but this purchase made me happy today.

A bit of a splurge (dont fret it was on sale) but who can resist a beautiful handbag.

*SIGH* so no yarn purchases this month. But hey, I have more yarn than I could possibly knit in a month so I should be fine!!

ps sock knitting fits nicely into bag, with all my other bits and bobs!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Just Quietly

I have started knitting a birthday present that is 10 months overdue. And I Hate it.

Dont get me wrong.
Love the pattern, it's the Forest Canopy Shawl. This is the third time knitting it. Love it!
Love the yarn. it's Tweed Cascade 220, by Cascade Yarns in the Cordovan colourway. A deep, rich red/maroon with tweed flecks of yellow and blue. Lovely yarn to knit with.

But together, DISASTER.

The problem I have is this. The recipient selected the yarn. And her favourite colour is maroon. And I hate it. Brings back memories of school uniforms in a Victorian winter. Maroon jumper, lemon yellow blouse and bottle green trousers. I think a colour blind man picked that combo!!!

Anyways, I am perservering. I keep motivated by the thought that the shawl will be a bit like a big warm hug. That image is working so far, but not sure how long it will last!

Might have to purchase a little bit of happy from The Knittery. Or ebay.

Oh and I am not taking photos. I just cant bring myself to post a picture!

So, just quietly, have you ever had this problem? And how did you motivate yourself to finish the item in question?