Friday, August 31, 2007

Weekend To Do List

Here it is. My third Clapotis. I have nearly completed the increase rows, and am really getting into the pattern. Again. But it does beg the question. How many Clapotis does a girl REALLY* need??

So, my TO DO list for this weekend is as follows:
  • 3 repeats of the Clapotis
  • 5 repeats for the Voyager stole
  • cast on the Nereid gloves

Ambitious much? Maybe. BUT I am meeting up with some crafty chicas, so I will have the support I need to meet this mighty challenge!

* That is a REAL need as opposed to a BURNING desire!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

when life goes awry

Sometimes there are no words.

What can you say to someone who's partner isn't coming home?
To another who is feeling an empty space more keenly?
And to a friend who feels that love has abandoned them?

Different reasons, but three hearts broken.

And for once, I don't have alot to say except that I am thinking of you all.

Colinette Jitterbug for my Nereid fingerless gloves.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Diary of a Reformed Incompleter

As I finished the Big Bad Baby Blanket on the weekend, I wondered what became of the old Shazmina. She of the "completer/finisher" issues.

I think I left her somewhere back there. Back before the Cherry Tree Hill Forest Canopy shawl. The Seasilk Clapotis. The 8 ply socks. Before the scrumptious Earth Clapotis. And most importantly back there, way beyond the Big Bad Baby Blanket.

I was feeling, smug. And as I walked into my craft room, I was feeling all zen and enlightened, like I was the ultimate knitting machine.

And then I saw it. The cupboard. the one full of yarn and way too many UFO's to count.

And it hit me. I am making progress, but there is a very long way to go!!

And a thought. Maybe it would look lot better if all those projects were in a much bigger cupboard. Much bigger.

Some things never change!! ;)

Friday, August 24, 2007

BEWARE! I am having a Single, White, Female moment!

Lately I have found myself having a few "copying" moments. And they all involve this gorgeous creature. I can only think that subconsciously I want to "BE" her. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

First, it was my intense desire for a warm and cozy version of her first Clapotis. Which inspired the Earth Clapotis I recently completed. And now it is her second lace version that has captured my lust.

And so it goes. I am going to cast on another Clapotis for myself, using this
4 ply yarn from the knittery. It is in the Vineyard colourway and I am SERIOUSLY in love with it.

mmmmmmmm, Vineyard! This photo does not do it justice.

So this is going to be the alternate in my knitting roster. The project I do for some relief from the Voyager stole.

Or so that is what I tell myself. Because it is really all about her............

please note: I am not seriously as creepy as this post sounds. Or am I??? MWAHAHAHAHA!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How are these Apples?

I am not the type that blames her instruments for faulty workmanship. But look at the difference a quality camera makes!

This is three repeats of the "test" Voyager stole. Details are:

Size: small (co 60)
yarn: 4ply from Nundle Woollen Mills, Gardenia
3 pattern repeats

I really like this pattern. It's not too difficult (in my opinion) but is a step up from beginner lace patterns. Noice.

I am making a full size of the stole as a gift for a friend who is getting married in mid October. And this is the yarn.
2 ply silk/merino from The Knittery in the Denim colourway (blue is her favorite colour). It feels luscious. And I think it will look great in this stole pattern.

UPDATE: bugger just got thrown out of Blogger.

On another knitting related note, I thought I would ask you a question. I am looking to expand my knitting library. I have a great stash of crochet pattern and reference books but only a couple of knitting books (I dont think Jo Sharp mags count do they?).

So the question is, "If there was one knitting book you HAD to have, what would it be?"

Have a ponder on that and feel free to post suggestions!! :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007


That is where I am on the Ravelry list. There are 4078 people in line behind me. I dont care how many are in front because, well they are in front of me. Dammit!

And that is all I have to say about that!

I have started a test knit of the Voyager stole. I had forgotten how easy it is to make mistakes in a pattern until you memorise it. Had to unknit a few rows, but apart from that I do like the pattern. I am knitting the small size, so only had to CO 60 stitches (yay!) but it is still quite wide. I am using 4ply Retro from Nundle Woolen Mills in the Gardenia (cream) colourway. VERY undersated for me. I think that is Nora's influence. I am starting to enjoy the subtleties of colour as well as the brash.

Anywho, when I have finished a couple of repeats I will post a picture.

In other related craft news, my dear friend the Obsessive Compulsive Craftster (who still doesnt have a blog, even though I have been nagging her for ages!) has bequeathed me some crafty goodness that isnt making the trip OS. Needles and Fimo! These are the wooden needles that her enabler has made her (he made the circular needles) that are yet to have ends attached. Guess what I spent yesterday making? FUN FUN FUN!! Unfortunately, the ends I made ended up in the bin. I am a prefectionist and they were not quite what I was after.

But I will perservere.

I also inherited the charming PUSS, in boots. He has asked that I kindly refrain from dreaming about frozen kittens and to lavish all my attention on him. Princess Meena is not impressed!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Frozen Kittens & the Strange Workings of a Spinsters Mind

The other night I dreamt that I had several (around 6 ) kittens frozen in my Fridge. I had decided I was over Princess Meena, so it was time to defrost the kittens. A somewhat sensible thought. But what the heck were they doing in my freezer??

Picture a huge block of ice with cute wee little kittens that looked alot like Albert.

As they were defrosting I was freaking out that I had frozen kittens. FREAKING OUT PEOPLE! But then low and behold they were alive and surprisingly dry, and cute! And I got to cuddle all 6 of them and I was happy, although still freaking out that I had frozen them in the first place.


The dream makes total sense when you put it in context.

I am a Spinster (and proud of it!). 37 yo, single and cat owner (I fit ALL the stereotypes!!). I would love to have kids, if I could just find a man I would like to have them with!!

I was talking to a friend about my reproductive options, and freezing eggs NOW, was an option discussed.

So you see it makes total sense!

My biggest obstacle is me. I am a hopeless romantic. I want to meet someone, love and be loved, and then think about children. I am at, what I see, as the beginning of the ladder. Girl trying to meet boy. And then there are several rungs before I get to kids.

But it is all about time. And while I honestly dont hear a biological clock ticking, I know that time waits for no womans eggs!

Alot to think about! It's is no wonder that my subconcious is mulling it over! That and because there are soo many wee little cute baby clothes that I want to knit! Ok, you knew that my weird dream had to come back to knitting!!

In Knitting related news, my knitpicks 8mm DPNS arrived. O.M.G! Talk about lethal weapons!

I also got a 60cm circular cable and 8mm ends as well! The needles a re to finish a challenge set by sista bendi (phhhht hardly a challenge!) to knit her a beanie tube for her and her fabulously long dreadlocks. Will post pictures when completed.

Cant wait until my next knitting purchase arrives in the mail, it is going to be yarnalicious!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I will survive!

This is when I know I need an enabler.

I participated in the City to Surf today. 14km's from Sydney to Bondi (hence, city to surf for non aussies). It was a great day for the City to Surf. 64,000+ of my fellow Sydneysiders joined me for what was a beautiful day for a walk!

It was not as hard as I thought it would be. That is not to say it was easy either. I walked with some friends from work. And I stress walk. We stopped at the half way point and had coffee and cake (adding at least 30mins to my time, dammit!) and then continued on. All up, including our pit stop, it took me 3hrs45mins. All in all it was a great way to spend a Sunday.

Until now.

I am sitting at home on the couch, with a pillow under my knees. And I am waiting patiently for Princess Meena to make me a cup of tea. Damn her lack of opposable thumbs!

So here is where the enabler comes in. 1. He would have been waiting for me at the end to drive me home (I had to walk to Bondi Junction, yuk!) 2. He would either be a) cooking dinner or b) getting take away. 3. He would be tending to the 4 blisters on my feet.

What a man! Wherever he is, he is an absolute gem!! I can hardly wait to meet him!!

Reality is that I will hobble out to get takeaway. And then I will reposition myself on the couch, pick up the sticks and get stuck into the Big Bad Baby Blanket.

What a fantastic day!!! Really!! :)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Are you a Stole or Shawl?

So my next finish on a deadline project is a wedding present for a good friend. She already knows what I am planning so I can post about the project.

I am planning to knit the
Voyager Stole from I am using the 2ply silk merino from The Knittery in the Denim colourway. Gorgeous Daphne is dyeing it specially for me. I hope the pattern is fun to knit because I am also planning to knit myself one!

While I was trawling the net for a pattern it hit me. I believe you are either a shawl person or a stole person. I think I am more a stole girl than a shawl girl. Although I love shawls and I have made myself the Forest Canopy shwl, I do prefer the rectangle shape. But hey, I havent knitted one yet, so lets see how I feel at the end of this project!!

And then there are the mermaid gloves. I am having soooooooooo much trouble deciding on a yarn and colour for these. Maybe subconciously I am procrastinating so that the lovely Jejune will figure out the finger bit of the pattern, knit them and then tell me what to do!!! Ok, that does sound the likely culprit of the failure to choose a yarn situation!
And yes Sadie and Lance, I will finish skully!!

So many projects, so little time......... Dammit!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

And then Life gets in the way...

Ahhhh life. Seems to get in the way of the knitting. Shouldnt it be vice versa?

This week has been busy at work. One of my colleagues has gone on holidays, because she didnt have alot on. Recruitment was quiet. Funny thing (or is it Murphy's Law?) when it is quiet and she is away, I become busy doing her (apparently) non existent work. 4 resignations later, quiet. Lucky I like recruitment. Seriously!

So as for knitting, I am quietly powering away at the Big Bad Baby Blanket. I have (finally) reached halfway so it is all down hill from here. Yay! I have decided after the 11 day Clapotis effort (I still cant believe I made it so quickly!) that I can focus on a project and knock it off quickly if I REALLY want to. So I am going to try and finish it by the end of August. Emphasis on try.

Have just ordered some more yarn to make a stole for a wedding present. Will post a picture of yarn and a link to the pattern I am going to make as soon as it arrives.

At the moment I have no photos, not of any new craft anyway. So here I have for you, gentle readers, a bunch of beautiful flowers and a promise to post some pics real soon.

Ciao. For now.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Is it a Bird?!?!

Is it a plane?


So who can say they spent their Thursday night:

  1. Preventing a friend from having the worst first week in a new job. EVER!

  2. Preventing a historic building from (potentially) burning to the ground.

  3. Leaping a crisis in a single bound?

ME, THATS WHO! (I must remember only to use my powers for good. Damn!). MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now if only I could channel my superheroness towards knitting. That would be the ULTIMATE use of my super powers!

Action Figure sold seperately. Batteries not included!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I Present to You, The Clapotis!

Originally uploaded by shazminabendi

Isnt she Beeeeeooooootiful??

I am excited to see how she turns out after I block her, but she is lovely all the same.

Still trying to decide what project to work on next. Yes I know Sadie and Lance, I should finish Skully. I mean after all, I only have the sleeves to go and it is knit in chunky wool so will take no time at all.

But then there is Stella. I am more likely to wear Stella in the next few months (thats enough motivation isn't it?). But then there are the Mermaid Fingerless gloves from here.

More decisions!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Eat Your Crusts!

Have you had one of those days where you let yourself go? Where you dont "do" your hair, you just let it dry naturally. And then EVERYONE comments on it, and tells you how great you look (compliments are good!) much better than you normally do (beep, beep, beep, reversing of said compliment, you look great because normally you look like shite!).

Well I am having one of those days.

Luckily I already hate people (I do work in HR after all). Generally I just giggle on the inside. The absolute innocence of those comments makes for classic comedy. Evil Shazmina often wonders what would happen if she pointed out how rude those comments are. MWAHAHAHA!

*Please note: I really don't hate people. I just have an exceptionally low tolerance for idiots. Luckily for me I am surrounded by them!

Currently I am working on some secret baby shower stuff. So cant post about that until next week. Apart from that I am dreaming about projects. And Ravelry. Thanks Bells! I want it. I want it now! And I cant have it. Bugger! PooBumWee!

And I am trying to decide on a farewell present for a friend. My lunchtime knitting companion is leaving me. And I am sad. Trying to decide what to get someone who is moving to London (via a 3 month trip through Africa). I am thinking of something from here. Too many choices though, and then there are all the things I want. Damn you Jejune for tempting me so!
And then I cant decide on what "me" project to start on next. Should I finish Skully? Should I finish Stella? Decisions, decisions. What is a girl to do??

yes. This is me, and my new do! My hair has decided to go curly, all during the last 12 months