Sunday, February 25, 2007


I t has been so long since my last post, a trip home to the Sunshine Coast to see the parents and then a hectic week of catch up at work have really limited my blogging time. So here is a quick update of what Ms Bendi has been up to.

1. Went to the SC for 4 days. Highlight of the trip was raiding my Mum's craft room. Ok who are we kidding there are several craft rooms in that house!! Photos to follow of the goodies I brought back. Lowlight of the trip, well it was only what I couldnt fit in my bag to bring back! Namely one dress makers dummy. DAMN!

2. I had my first Gin & Tonic (and several since!). I finally bought a bottle of gin, Bombay Sapphire to be precise. My methodology (that one is for you BP!) in selecting the gin was the colour of the bottle. I am really into blue at the moment. So here is a pic of the first G&T, cheers to you all (especially S&L, BP and Bells).

3. I have been trying to make it up to Princess Meena for leaving her for 4 days. She is being very cute, following me around since I have been back. Here is a pic of her, finally got her to sit still.

4. Finally thanks to those of you who made kind comments on my last post. I was feeling a little sheepish about acknowledging my crushes, all those teenage insecurities very briefly resurfaced (will they think I am weird etc, until I realised that I am a bit weird and I like it!) But then I thought hey, if I have a craft crush I am damn sure loads of other people do too! And you do, I heart that about you all! This whole craft community we have going really energises me! I love it! Well there I go gushing again! Stay tuned as I will be regularly unveiling those people who make me go weak at the knees with good wholesome Craft crushes!

Monday, February 12, 2007

I have a Craft Crush(es)

I have a Craft Crush! A giggly, weak at the knees crush(es) BUT it is all about the craft, not about stalking!! Ok, I actually have several and I feel the need to share, makes me feel less stalkerish!!

Number 1 craft crush is on Prudence Mapstone. A couple of years ago I had a huge fan moment, where I am embarrassed to say I fawned over Prudence, much to my friend Kel's amusement. I hovered. I watched. I waited. And then I pounced. And I said something odd and giggled like a schoolgirl. EMBARRASSMENT! But you know, I just love her. The idea of freeform in knitting and crochet, her use of colour, LOVE IT! She is a true craft goddess. I really dig the way she encourages you to just give it a go. She will always be my number 1.

Number 2 craft crush is on Nora from Black Dog Knits. Her grace and dignity under fire. Her encouragement. Her generosity. Her awesome designs. I could sooooo be her best friend! :) ok that was slightly stalkerish, but what I mean is that she reminds me so much of quite a few women I know. You know the ones. They pass no judgement, they challenge you, they applaud, they nurture, they are honest and they make you think. They are the women that have a passion to make a difference in the world AND THEY DO IT. She is Cool.

Number 3 craft crush is Bells from Bells knits. She is soooooooo damn cute, just check out her picture! She too reminds me of some of my good craftin' buddies, and I just know we would get along like a house on fire. Food. Knitting. Beer. What a woman. She has given me the final push to drink Gin and Tonics. You see I have some issues with this particular beverage, but I will overcome them! Anywho, I will be purchasing of some Bombay Sapphire and relaxing with my knitting and a G&T this weekend. I send her good vibes, she too is cool.

And of course as always, Brownpants, SadieandLance and OCC are on my craft crush list. S&L because she brought me out of the craft closet. BP because she has the passion and intelligence to achieve anything she sets her mind to. OCC keeps me sane during working hours. We meet pretty regularly at GJ's on Nth Sydney at lunchtime to knit. These women will never leave my craft crush list. They are true Craft Goddesses.

So there it is my Craft Crush list. As I am a gusher (and proud of it), and tend to be effusive in my praise,(I do tend to get excited easily!) I thought I might try to regularly introduce you to those people who make me go all giddy and weak at the knees (in a crafty way!). So stay tuned, for the next installment in Shazmina's Craft Crush file!!

Friday, February 02, 2007


I had a moment the other day, well actually there have been a couple lately (more on that soon!). I read in blogland that Marta from Marta's yarns had passed away. It made me sad to think that such a talented person has left the planet. And It reminded me of my visit there last year. I went to visit SadieandLance in Melbourne and that fabuluous craftster took me on a tour of all the cool shops down there.

When we arrived at Marta's yarns I was stunned. The walls were covered in brightly coloured yarn. It was so hard to know where to look first! I made my way to the 2ply yarn section at S&L suggestion, & I started picking up colours that looked good together. Marta was helping someone else, but as soon as she was free we pounced! I took over the yarn combos I had selected and we started playing. Now I have to say that I have always felt confident when it comes to colour choices, I know what I like and I know what works, for me anyway! But Marta was on a whole other level. And patient! She worked with your colour choices and made suggestions, building on what you had started, she was just lovely! She knew how to refine my choices, by changing one colour variation it changed the whole combo and it just popped!

This yarn is 3 x 2ply strands of varegated colours, which together form this beautiful combination. I bought this to make some fingerless gloves for myself. I have been looking for a pattern to use for a while, and nothing grabs me. After hearing the news about Marta's passing, I have decided that it is time to try my hand at designing a pattern myself. Kind of daunting, and part of me wants to keep the ball as is because it is sooo pretty. Finally I think it is time for this ball to transform into beautiful garment. I think even Marta would agree!