Thursday, April 19, 2007

Clap(otis) almost completo!

So here it is, the clap. I am just about to start the decreases, so it is all down hill from here! I have put an extra 4 repeats in the body for some extra length. Oh, and this photo is right side up!! :)

I am feeling a little sad that I am nearly finished working with this seasilk. It is so beautiful to work with. Good thing I have got another 2 balls coming in the next couple of months!!!!

I received my yarn purchase yesterday. 12 balls of Lambs Pride worsted in various colours. So many projects! I feel like my skin is itching with all the possibilities!!

BUT until I finish the Clap, they will have to remain thoughts in my cluttered mind!!

ps I didnt really torment Jam(ie), we did have fun at the zoo. Shazmina's inner child came out to play, she can be a bit naughty!! Jam(ie) did have a tantrum but his Mum assured me it was on the cards, regardless of the lizard dance!!


Bells said...

God that is just beautiful! I love it! Looking forward to seeing it all blocked and ready to wear.You know how I love purple...

Jejune said...

It definitely looks divine :) It's good to have finished objects, too - so nice when they can migrate from being in the knitting basket / bag / pile for months to being in your clothes drawer, or given to the giftee, as the case may be.