Saturday, June 30, 2007

Stuff and Nonsense

As the locals know, it has been cold in Sydney. Not many of us have central heating so we are really feeling it, I know I am. But no, not Princess Meena. She takes pole position up against the small (too bloody small) column (oil) heater. In fact she likes to lean her head against it. I keep telling her that she is frying her wee small brain, but she doesnt care. She, in her little fur coat, is warm. While I, the one who feeds her and cleans up her poop, is FREEZING!

So who really is the dumbo in this house!!!

So this weekend, is all about me. I am planning to take time out and have Shazmina time. That means hanging out at home, crafting, watching dvd's, going for a walk, ignoring the phone, watching Dr Who, eating good food, and more crafting. Basically I am working on being centred. The last week I have felt slightly off kilter, so the weekend is all about getting back to my centre, to the things that matter to me, so that I can better cope with the weekday malarky.

So what am I working on this weekend?

A surprise for a friend. She is feeling the stress of life more keenly than I am, so I am making a little something to cheer her up. Pics soon.

My first sock, otherwise known as Shazmina's new obsession!!

Embroidery for a quilt.

The BBB blanket for Sadie and Lance.

Sewing - Amy Butler skirt & hemming 2 pair of pants.

So that will kepp me busy and on the straight and narrow!! I will post updates tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where is that Bloody Bird???

Seriously, I am looking but I cant see it??

It has been manic at work. Incredibly busy and somewhat stressful. I have, at present, a very low tolerance for people. I should elaborate, I have a low tolerance for people who, in my opinion, are particularly ridiculous and absurd.

Knitting and blogging has provided an escape from the stress. Until I had the displeasure of receiving an email from another blogger asking me to explain a comment I made on this blog. The funny thing about the email is that the blogger told me what my comment meant. ESP, a great talent to have, wish I had it!

I didnt feel it necessary to reply. I mean really what is the point when someone has so obviously read my mind and knows what I am thinking (I wonder if she has seen the bird??) and what my comment really meant (insert sarcasm here). I just dont think they were really interested in knowing the truth.

So Shazmina, you have some 'splaining to do!

So I will 'splain. Not because I feel I need to. Not because I think you necessarily want to know. But mainly because I dont like being told what I am thinking or feeling (insert hands on hips and stamping of right foot). Only I know that. For me, that comment was a throw away line. A nod to my, obviously misunderstood, sense of humour. How someone chooses to interpret that comment is up to them. And I am truly ok with that. I can't change your perception or your reality, nor do I want to. I respect your right to read what you like into what I write.

That is what makes Human Beings such wonderful and interesting creatures. Life would be boring if we were all the same, dont you think?

Ahhhh, so there is that damned bird!! I found it after all!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I finally feel like I am relaxing. Listening to Fleetwood Mac (Tusk is playing as we speak). Love it!

Well the last week has seen me be a bit of a social butterfly. Coupled with being busy at work, it has made for a blogless 10 days. Know that I have read your blogs and they made me smile!

So what have I been up to? I have taught THREE people to knit, although only TWO have made it to the dark side.
My number 2 gay in the village gave up in a huff when he could not master knitting instantly. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!! This has made the number 1 gay in the village happy as he is a master crocheter. MORE DRAMA!!

I also put a profile on a dating website. While I am not convinced that this is the best way to meet someone, I thought I would give it a go for a month. We will see what happens.........

Not much else to tell. The 30cm circulars have arrived. Nora assures me they will change my life. I think she might be right because I am about to cast on my first pair of socks! Rose Red Shoes suggested 8ply to start, which is perfect as I am in desperate need of new bed socks. I was a bit excited and decided to make up my own pattern based on my favorite bedsocks, but in the cold light of day I am thinking that I should stick to an existing pattern for my first attempt. Suggestions are welcome!!

And finally, here is the latest update of the Big Bad Baby Blanket. Sadie and Lance, you are going to love it!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I heard that word used twice today. Both times by people under 35. Weird, but I like it. Those types of words and phrases need to be used more often, dont you think?

So I have been known to be a bit of a ditherer. A procrastinator if you will. It has taken me forever to clean my craft room, but once done I felt magnificent. Like I had conquered my dithering. So much so that I have moved on to a revamp of my loungeroom. Pictorial proof of that achievement to follow.

When I cleaned my craft room, I realised exactly how much yarn I own (Oh the Horror!).

* The top shelf contains yarn I have purchased from Nundle Wool Mill for dyeing (4ply, 8ply & 12 ply) and kntting related bits and bobs.

* The next shelf down contains my biggest shame. UFO's.

* Shelf 3 contains various yarns I have purchased. Some for specific projects. Some because it was so pretty.

* Finally shelf 4 contains more yarn, the bits left over from projects, and various dyes.

Oh the Horror alright! I had a caniption when I saw it all, finally neatly packed away in their plastic storage bags. How much of a neat/control freak am I???

But a strange thing happened on the weekend. I realised that I am not alone in my neat/control freakiness. Imagine my genuine shock, admiration and down right pleasure when Rose Red Shoes pulled out her WIP, neatly contained in a glorious plastic bag (was it a Glad Bag or no name brand? I forgot to ask!).

Right then I knew we would get along.

Right then I knew I had found anoher yarn soulmate! As if I didnt already know that!! ;)

ps Normally I do not condone the use of plastic bags. Please note that the bags used for this post are reused. Who am I kidding, they are never reused because the bags are never empty!!!! Sigh! Deep breath and repeat after me, "I am embracing the completer/finisher within".

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Very Interesting........

Meeting people you have only interacted with online.

I will start at the beginning. I was invited to meet Nora (Black Dog Knits) and Rose Red Shoes, with my good craftin' buddy Brownpants. Luckily for most of the week my mind was pre occupied with various bits and bobs (mainly work) but by Saturday morning I was freakin' out! FREAKIN OUT PEOPLE!!!!! I couldnt decide what to wear, it was raining and I wanted to impress. And then a thought, exactly how much of your own knitting should you wear when you first meet your craftin' online friends???? Luckily, when I thought about this I realised that I have sooooo many UFO's it really wasnt an issue.

So I finally dressed (jeans, runners and long sleeved tshirt thingy & a pale blue beret I had made), and went to collect Brownpants.

Did I mention it was raining? It was hideous! And then trying to find a carpark. And then walking to the cafe (my heart was pounding) And then there she was. Nora. Wow. I dont know exactly what I was expecting but it was like seeing her blog walking, talking and breathing!!

After we settled ourselves with coffees, Rose Red arrived. And again, it was like seeing a blog come to life.

And as I looked around the table it got me thinking. We are all so like our blogs. It was so surreal.

Nora was charming, warm, LOTS of fun. But the most noticeable thing about her was how stylish she is. And effortlessly so, exactly like her blog! She bought some socks for show and tell made from Sundara yarn. Sigh! They were lucious! But most importantly she has inspired me to finally knit socks!! Nora, I am ordering the 30cm circulars as we speak!!! :)

And Rose Red. Wow, she was just so calm and warm and too damn cute! Easy to see what she has a lot in common with Bells!! She was wearing one of her beautful knits in a GORGEOUS purple colour (it is on her blog she finished it to take to NYC for her holiday earlier this year). We admired her knitting, her cardigan (it is stunning) and especially her shoes! Red boots, sigh!

And then there is my Brownpants. She is so complicated and so uncomplicated all at once (is that possible??) FIERCELY intelligent, sweet and caring and obsessive when it comes to craft (and beer!). Her blog is so her, I just adore her!

And then there was me. A little quiet and shy to begin with, but then I warm up and watch out, before you know it I am talking about s*x and adult toys!! Oh and knitting "special adult" things for your men. Mwahahahahahaha! In my world, it always seems to come back to that topic!! :)

We left promising to meet again. And I know we will, hopefully more of you will come along as well and we can meet you too.
I promise not to drag the conversation down......... unless it ends up there anyway!!

ps Hope you can make it soon Bells!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007


With choice. Fear. Ok, lets face what it really is, procrastination.

I have not knit a stitch this week. Not one. I sat on my couch and couldnt decide what to knit. There are soooooo many unfinished projects, I just didnt know where to start. It was paralysing. So I made the decision to finally sew my Barcelona skirt (I am in love with Amy Butler!).

Before I could commence on the skirt, I had to clean my sunroom/craft room. (Look there goes that damned bird again!!).
That was the deal I made with the devil (also known as Princess Meena). I have no photographic evidence of how bad the room was, but let's just say that it was also known as the "Pit (hacking cough) of Despair!".

But with one application of Shazmina, look at it now! So these pics are looking in from the doorway. First, in the left corner is my desk/sewing table with laptop, sewing machine, overlocker (thx Mum!). Too the left of it is my yarn cupboard. This is also one of my stashes. I dont know why I persist in hiding my yarn at the moment. I should be joyously throwing it around the house and rolling in it naked!!

Then the far right corner is a small cupboard, containing various crafts including, beads, embroidery and crochet cottons.

And the nearest right corner, bookshelf containing texts from Uni which I just cant bear to part with, as well as other miscellaneous craft.

All up it took me from 11am (ish) to 6.30pm to get the room to this point. And I love it, all I need is a comfy chair to sit and knit in and it would be perfect! Oh and the willpower to keep it neat and tidy from this point forward.
So now I can go and cut out the skirt and start sewing! Updates on that soon!!

ps. In late breaking news, I no longer have a "thing" for receding hairlines, meaty sideburns and handlebar mustaches! I would like to thank the very unattractive man in Stanmore for daring to sport this look and curing me. Bless him!! :)