Monday, November 13, 2006

I heart Jo Sharp!

So, I spent Saturday with one of my good crafting' buddies OCC and finally realised why I was having a problem with the Bendigo Mills 8ply cotton.


It is in fact slightly bigger than 4 ply, but essentially should only be used in patterns for 4ply cotton yarn. I know this because I compared it to the Panda Regal 4ply cotton that I use for Crocheting and it was THE SAME SIZE! Is it a conspiracy?? I don't know, but the lesson is, don't buy anything from a bargain bin at a Craft fair. You have been warned!

The other reason I know that it is not 8ply is because today my beeooottiful Jo Sharp DK Cotton yarn turned up! It is the most luscious yarn I have seen, that is since my Lorna's Laces order turned up!! :)
And here it is, Jo Sharp DK Cotton in Orchid, yum! I am going to knit the Beaded Cami from Black Dog knits. Cant wait to get started!

Further updates on my progress will of course be posted soon! (Along with photos of my work in progress(es)!). :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I Give up!

My efforts to keep up with the PROLIFIC output of Ms Brownpants have come a cropper. I am really good at starting multiple projects, but still having difficulty completing. ALTHOUGH I am channeling the completer/finisher goddess, so I have made significant progress.

I have recently cast on these two projects:
  1. The Print o' the Wave Stole by Eunny Jang . I am using Lorna's Laces in Seaside (how fitting). It is a beautiful design, but may take a little while to complete (I have to pick up stitches, hundreds of the buggers!)
  2. Bolero, from Jo Sharp Knit Issue 2. I am using 8 ply cotton from Bendigo Wool mills (not impressed with this yarn). Feels like it will take FOREVER.

And then there are all my UFO's to consider (updated list to be posted soon), and then there are my wish list projects (another huge list) and the Christmas presents (Biggest list yet!!).

I am also having the debate (in my head) about when it is appropriate to:

  1. knit in front of new partner
  2. knit something for new partner
  3. demand new partner contribute to my craft budget (ok, that may take years!).

I have been seeing someone for 3 months, have told him I knit but have yet to do items 1 to 3 in his presence. Any thoughts, suggestions would be most appreciated!

And don t even get me started on knitting socks! I so want to do that, maybe next month.............................