Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Yarn Whisperer

I have a LYS. 

My very own LYS!! SQUEEEEAAAAAL!!!!

Stash Yarns are located in Putney, and I have to say they are lovely!! They are also online so check them out here

The owner was ok when I fondled. She was ok when I rubbed the beautiful Handmaiden seasilk & Shibuiknits on my bosom. And the Mission Falls, well lets just say I got up close and personal!! ;)

And then I got the best knitting tip ever. When you knit your gauge, wear it inside you bra to make sure it doesn't itch your sensitive bits. Kinky I know, but you just know it feels soooooo good!

I bought some of this Fybrespates Dream sock yarn. Hand dyed in Wales, it is made from the wool of Bluefaced Leicester sheep. i really have to check these sheep out! It is so soft and squishy and the two colourways I bought are beautiful. I love this yarn! Sigh, they are only temporarily in my stash as they are to be gifted to a couple of gorgeous knitters I know.

I can't believe how good I was in this store! They had Shibuiknits in the store!! AND Koigu in colours I love!!! But I abstained. for the time being anyway!!

I will go back there very soon and buy some koigu for me. And some Art yarns. And some Shibuiknits. And some Mission Falls. And then there was the Blue sky Alpacas...............

Sunday, July 06, 2008


This is how I am spending my weekend.

A good book.

And coffee.

I know it seems sacrilegious, reading about the English and drinking coffee, but I love it! Monmouth Coffee, the best I have found in London. AND the only place you can order a flat white AND they know what you are talking about!! 

This book was recommended to me by a German man I work with. Written by an English Anthropologist, it looks at quaintly
 english behaviour (the stuff that is driving me nuts!). I am enjoying it so far, cant wait until I get to the chapter about sex!! ;)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Did I hear the word Sale??

In the UK there is a store called John Lewis. A lot like Myer....... but on yarn steroids (yarnoids??)

The biggest store, on Oxford Street in London has a yarn section that defies description. It has THE biggest display of Rowan that I have ever seen. And yes, Rose Red, I fondled. I squeezed. And I gently caressed my bosom with the beeeeooooootiful Rowan yarn. And the Debbie Bliss. Noro. Mirasol.

This photo cant convey how much yarn there is.  Maybe there are bigger displays with more yarn. But this blew my mind. More impressive than that shop in the centre of Sydney that shall remain nameless.
And this week they are having a Summer Sale. Yes, that is what I said, it is Summer over here! We had a heat wave today, two consecutive days over 24 (today was 26!).

Mostly it was Rowan , Jaeger and Debbie Bliss cotton yarn on sale. But the real exciting news is this. I got 8 skeins of Noro Cash Iroha (black) for 30 pounds!  That is just over AU$60! Yay for me!!!

And Nora, guess what I am going to make from it?? 

ps the correct answer is a certain knitting pattern printed in February in the S'n'B desk calendar!!!
pps These photos are of only part of the yarn available. I was too overwhelmed to take an more. I needed a quite moment to reflect and fondle!