Saturday, November 22, 2008

Send Me Some Sock Love. Please!

I need some sock love.

I need a bloody lot of sock love. I have to finish this pair, that is most important.
And then I have to knit two pairs for my sister. Unfortunately I made the mistake of saying, "What sort of socks would you like oh sister of mine?" To which she preceded to say, "Oh you know, over the knee, and can wear them with these weird shoes I bought that have a separate toe thingos, can you make them for me?" 

"Of course"

Of bloody course! What the flippin' heck was I thinking?? Oh I know what you are saying, well you are Shazmina Bendi designs........

Flippin' heck people! Flippin'. Bloody. Heck!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snow is forecast for Sunday, eeeeeek!

Ok. At first I thought it would be fun, living in a cold country. Knitting alot. 

But the reality is I cant knit quickly enough to make items to wear in this bloody cold weather. I mean if I could knit a jumper in a week while working full time, maybe I could do it. 

But I cant. I have to pay rent. Which reminds me I need to buy a ticket in the Euro Millions. Winning 85 million GBP may free up some time for knitting!

But I digress.

I have been knitting, I have actually even finished something (don't faint!). The Lace Scarf from the Debbie Bliss knitting magazine. 2 skeins of Noro Cash Iroha, in a dark purple (112). I would definitely knit this pattern again. It is easy, quick and would make a great gift. Debbie really knows her stuff!

And now I am focussing on Clap(otis) number six. Maybe I will stay inside on Sunday and knit while I watch the snow.

Snow. Freakin' snow, people!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What is Happening in Shazmina Land?

So after a gentle nudge from Bells (ok, it still took me over a week to post), here I am. 

So what has Shazmina been up to? Well there was a trip to Madrid. 

I took with me Clap(otis) number 5. It was a hit and looked really wonderful on the the fabulous Kel. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos, but am working on getting some on location in it's new home town.

So now I am working on the Lacy Scarf from Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine. For me. Yay! I am using Noro Cash Iroha in 112 (dark purple) colourway. It is going to look fab with my green autumn/spring coat. 

Next project in line is Clapotis 6. I am making it in some Silk/Merino from The 
Knittery. And then next in line is a Hemlock blanket in Cascade Ecoyarn in Latte colourway for a friends wedding present. And then there are the mad socks that are a gift for my sister. Over the knee socks, with a separate big toe. Japanese style. when will I ever learn!!

So that is about it for me at the moment. I pledge to make regular updates with the crafty goings on at casa Shazmina Bendi. That is my promise to Bells. And myself!!