Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

Ok Bells here goes nothing! Six weird things about me. Where to start??

  1. I CANNOT STAND PEAS! I just dont like the way they taste and their texture when they are mushed up in your mouth. Bleugh! Dont like baked beans either! Yuk! I will push peas around my plate rather than eat them. My non-craft moto is "Death before Peas!".
  2. I like even numbers, they are my favorite. I think because they feel so round, and I love circles and swirls in design and Art. I have always enjoyed my even numbered birthdays more than the odd numbered ones. The only exception was turning 36 (only the day, not the year) I really hated that birthday!
  3. I sleep flat on my back, with my arms straight by my side, palms and soles of my feet flat on the bed. I like the covers to be over me and have only recently stopped tucking them under my chin. My sister and I had bunk beds when we were younger, me on the bottom bunk and sis on the top. She used to wake in the middle of the night and think I was dead. I also sleep with my eyes partially open. I only found out when the optometrist told me the bottom of my eyeballs were dry and that is why my eyes go red. Funny no one else has ever mentioned it!?
  4. I talk to myself, laugh at my own jokes, in fact I also laugh at my own farts (ONLY my own though!). I am potentially that crazy lady who lives on your block/neighbourhood! I actually like the fact that I am potentially that crazy old lady, she sounds like fun!
  5. I dont kill insects. Well, the exception is cockroaches, but HELLO they are just awful!! Unless they are the Australian native bush cockroaches, I dont have a problem with them. Apart from them I am strictly a catch and release girl. Dont get me wrong, I am not a big fan of insects. I dont like to touch them and I certainly dont like them to touch me! Take Away food containers and a sheet of paper (for spiders, grasshopers, stick insects and crickets) are the tools I like to use. And I cant step on Ants, just cant. Not exactly sure why I catch and release, it may be a nod to Budhism and the potential for me to be reincarnated as an ant (more likely a stink beetle, due to my love of farts!), but I think it is just that I feel they have an important job to do (pollenating, eating other bugs), just not in my apartment! I have been known to chase an insect (with the tools of the trade) around my bedroom in the wee hours of the morning after a night on the town. A few wines and beers definately make it easier to catch the little critters!!!
  6. I have one random short and curly hair (resembling the type of hair normaly found on another, more southern part of your body) that grows in my left ear. I have noticed recently that it has turned white (ok, it is actually grey, but I kid myself that grey is actually white!!)

So there you have it. Me in a nutshell! Having read other bloggers 6 weird things meme I am thinking that having OCD and related weirdness is really conducive to crafting! I heart the weird and strange! I heart that we celebrate what makes us unique!

Bring on the strange & weird! Bring it on!!

Monday, January 29, 2007


And this is why. Check out what my Mum just finished making me. Isnt she amazing!

It is a quilt pattern we bought at the Quilt and Craft Fair last year, and was lovingly made for my Birthday & Christmas. It is a design by Hot Possum, who make the most funkiest quilt patterns! Most of the Fabric is from Amy Butler's Ginger Bliss range. The edging is a chocolate brown taffetta.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

A New Addiction

And it is all thanks to Brownpants! She remembered me talking about doing embroidery when I was young with my Mum. So the wonderful BP gave me Sublime Stitching for Christmas. Very thoughtful of her, giving me something to send my craft ADD into hyperdrive! And today I paid a visit to Lincraft in the city and the embroidery cotton was .68c each. 68c EACH people!!!! All the colours of the rainbow! I couldnt contain myself, 32 colours were purchased!! So now all I have to do is start something......................

Also went to Tapestry Craft, and remembered why I dont like the place. Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran $7.95 each, ridiculous! Wool Baa in Melbourne have a shop front and online store and they sell the same for $6.00 (yet another reason to move to Melbourne??). I mean I dont mind spending a bit of money on wool, but I just cant understand different prices charged for the same product. And maybe it is just me but I find the customer service a bit hit and miss in there as well. Mental note for when I open a wool/craft store, reasonable prices AND good customer service is a must.

Well I am off now to pick my first embroidery project. Maybe a lady like hanky with Beer bottles on it for Ms Brownpants??!! :)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Triangular Crochet

I thought I would give you a sneak peak at a bag I am making for Brownpants. I cant keep a secret, so she already knows a crochet bag is coming her way, but even BP hasnt seen this!

Ok, so it is a piece of the bag I am making. And yes it is a crochet triangle, I found the instructions in this really cool 70's craft encyclopedia my Mum has. 26 volumes, all crafts represented. AWESOME! My sister and I are (and possibly always will) fighting over them. The yarn is Noro Kureyon and it is my new favorite thing to crochet with. No need to attach different colours every row, this yarn works really well with crochet.

I will finish this bag. I promise BP, I really will. I have stalled as I am not sure on what colour or design to line it with. BUT as soon as it is complete I will post pics. Suggestions anyone??

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Has Anyone Seen Where My Craft Mojo Went?

So here I am, blogging again, albiet briefly.

The problem is I need photos to go with blog to explain what I have been doing. The next problem is my internet connection is sooooo slow here at home that it takes forever to post and because of that I can never motivate myself to do it. AND THEN, I ususally find a few minutes at work to post, but I have been sooooo busy (Having to work at work, whats that about?) and most of my fun projects are at home so again, lack of motivation to post.
What is a girl to do??

So this is it, a list of what I am working on, I will update with photos as soon as I can.

1. Bag for Brownpants. Made from Crocheted triangles. Yep, triangles! Made from Noro Kureyon, it is beautiful. I am trying to figure out what material to line it with, so this project is on a little hiatus.

2. Shawl 1, for my Mum. Forest Canopy shawl, I have posted a pic earlier about the beginnings, and am now finishing off body to start the finishing edging. Only problem I can foresee is having enough space to block it properly. This projected was due to be completed last weekend, but unforseen circumstances (BF moving to Perth) saw me lose my craft mojo. Now if I just could find where I put it........................

3. Shawl 2, another one! This one is for a friends birthday. I have done the first 16 rows, but have put it down to complete Shawl 1.

4. Headband. I have made two of these already using the Caloromitry pattern from latest issue of knitty. I had to modify it for the yarn Iam using (Jo Sharp Desert garden Aran) and have come up with two sizes, small and medium. If you want the instructions let me know, that is only if you dont want to do the math!

5. Shawl 3. For me! A friend was abit naughty and bought me 3 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill silk merino DK in Peacock. It was for a birthday present/thanks for looking after my cats present. I was floored (and extreeeeeeemly happy). It is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL yarn I have ever possessed. It is soft and yummy and will look stunning in a shawl. In fact I think I will have enough for a Clapotis scarf as well! I have done the first 16 rows of the pattern for the Forest Canopy Shawl, but have had to put it down to complete the many presents I have started (Damn!).

6. And finally, I am yet to start this, but have to cast it on over the weekend. A Cardigan for my Mum. It is for her Birthday and is a Jo Sharp short sleeved cardigan from her Knit 2 magazine. I am using Cascade Sierra in Dusky Rose for this project,and it will look beautiful!

And finally, for those of you whom I have talked to about my 2007 venture/adventure, I am sourcing product as we speak and will have items for testing by end of January/early February.

So as you can see, even though I have not been posting, I have been reading all your wonderful blogs and I have been crafting, and plotting about craft! Mwa ha ha hahahahaha!