Friday, August 31, 2007

Weekend To Do List

Here it is. My third Clapotis. I have nearly completed the increase rows, and am really getting into the pattern. Again. But it does beg the question. How many Clapotis does a girl REALLY* need??

So, my TO DO list for this weekend is as follows:
  • 3 repeats of the Clapotis
  • 5 repeats for the Voyager stole
  • cast on the Nereid gloves

Ambitious much? Maybe. BUT I am meeting up with some crafty chicas, so I will have the support I need to meet this mighty challenge!

* That is a REAL need as opposed to a BURNING desire!


Rose Red said...

Oh you can totally do that! But maybe you should leave the casting on of the gloves until you've done the other two - your reward!

Elisabeth said...

Go Sharon! You are well and truely leaving me behind in churning out completed projects. I'm beginning to think that maybe the clapotis is something I could make. It being the first day of Autumn and all :-)

Georgie said...

Of course you NEED more clappys! You can't be expected to wear the same colour one with everything, or the same weight one all year.

Nothing like a check list to keep you focussed.

And guess what? I knitted me a sock! A little baby one in 8 ply (thanks for the suggestion!), but its a whole sock!

Jejune said...

Cast it on, cast it on, cast it on, cast it on... heh (I'm the Bad Influence of Blogland :)

Kristie said...

Look! I'm commenting!