Thursday, August 16, 2007

Frozen Kittens & the Strange Workings of a Spinsters Mind

The other night I dreamt that I had several (around 6 ) kittens frozen in my Fridge. I had decided I was over Princess Meena, so it was time to defrost the kittens. A somewhat sensible thought. But what the heck were they doing in my freezer??

Picture a huge block of ice with cute wee little kittens that looked alot like Albert.

As they were defrosting I was freaking out that I had frozen kittens. FREAKING OUT PEOPLE! But then low and behold they were alive and surprisingly dry, and cute! And I got to cuddle all 6 of them and I was happy, although still freaking out that I had frozen them in the first place.


The dream makes total sense when you put it in context.

I am a Spinster (and proud of it!). 37 yo, single and cat owner (I fit ALL the stereotypes!!). I would love to have kids, if I could just find a man I would like to have them with!!

I was talking to a friend about my reproductive options, and freezing eggs NOW, was an option discussed.

So you see it makes total sense!

My biggest obstacle is me. I am a hopeless romantic. I want to meet someone, love and be loved, and then think about children. I am at, what I see, as the beginning of the ladder. Girl trying to meet boy. And then there are several rungs before I get to kids.

But it is all about time. And while I honestly dont hear a biological clock ticking, I know that time waits for no womans eggs!

Alot to think about! It's is no wonder that my subconcious is mulling it over! That and because there are soo many wee little cute baby clothes that I want to knit! Ok, you knew that my weird dream had to come back to knitting!!

In Knitting related news, my knitpicks 8mm DPNS arrived. O.M.G! Talk about lethal weapons!

I also got a 60cm circular cable and 8mm ends as well! The needles a re to finish a challenge set by sista bendi (phhhht hardly a challenge!) to knit her a beanie tube for her and her fabulously long dreadlocks. Will post pictures when completed.

Cant wait until my next knitting purchase arrives in the mail, it is going to be yarnalicious!


amy said...

I've been lurking. Of course the dream makes perfect sense! When I was pregnant with my first baby, well--it's quite normal for pregnant women to have anxiety dreams about taking care of the baby when it arrives. But in my dreams, my CAT always took the place of the baby. It was quite clear that I was anxious over the baby, but it was always Ernie. The dreams were so vivid, I still remember them. In one, the cat was left in the care of grandparents, and they let him outside (he's an INDOOR CAT!) and gave him a bath in the washing machine...babysitter anxiety much, do you think? I can still see his little furry face sticking out of the suds, as clear as if it really happened.

So. I think your dream is PERFECTLY normal!!

Shazmina Bendi said...

Cool! I have a lurker!!!! Thanks Amy!!

Jejune said...

LOl, yup, freaky dream kittens there - I'll have to read it out to Dotter, who will squeak and say "Kittens!" She has weird dreams too :)

See if you can get your hands on the Interweave Felts one-off mag - it's just out. They have a pattern for a beanie for dreadlocks, no joke. Felted, of course. Looks a bit like a vase ;)

SadieandLance said...

I think your dream means you will be adopting little Albies like Kristie did. Six of the them to be precist by the sounds of it.

Nice knittin sticks.

Nora said...

Well, I know exactly what your dream means! Perhaps I was slightly over-the-top about the NOW part... Sorry. :)

PS: You have a lurker!! YAY!

Shazmina Bendi said...

No apologies needed Nora! It is good to think/talk about these things instead of putting them off when it may be too late!

Rose Red said...

As soon as I read about the frozen kitties I knew why you had that dream! I love how our thoughts permeate into our subconscious and come out in our dreams!

But I'm glad the knitpicks arrived after the kitty dream. Otherwise it could have been dangerous!!

2paw said...

Nice weird dream. I have weird dreams too, I am glad to know I'm not alone!! I have Labradors as Furry Children. They are quite good and easy to housetrain!!!
I have the Interweave Felt book and it is very good and somewhat amusing!!!

Donna Lee said...

I have very strange dreams. Sometimes i can trace them back to some thing that makes sense but sometimes not. I can't figure out why David Letterman was wearing a diving helmet and diving in my old high school (which was flooded). I don't mind the weird ones, it's the scary ones that freak me out.