Monday, August 27, 2007

Diary of a Reformed Incompleter

As I finished the Big Bad Baby Blanket on the weekend, I wondered what became of the old Shazmina. She of the "completer/finisher" issues.

I think I left her somewhere back there. Back before the Cherry Tree Hill Forest Canopy shawl. The Seasilk Clapotis. The 8 ply socks. Before the scrumptious Earth Clapotis. And most importantly back there, way beyond the Big Bad Baby Blanket.

I was feeling, smug. And as I walked into my craft room, I was feeling all zen and enlightened, like I was the ultimate knitting machine.

And then I saw it. The cupboard. the one full of yarn and way too many UFO's to count.

And it hit me. I am making progress, but there is a very long way to go!!

And a thought. Maybe it would look lot better if all those projects were in a much bigger cupboard. Much bigger.

Some things never change!! ;)


2paw said...

The BBBBlooks wonderful. I love the colours too. I have whittled away my yet to be finished things over the last few weeks: just one sock and a tie to go!!!

Georgie said...

Well done! It wont happen overnight, but it will happen... baby steps will get you there Shaz!

BBB is fab!

Rose Red said...

Wow - a finished BBBB! Yay you! You rock! And I totally agree - a bigger cupboard is clearly required!

SadieandLance said...


Maybe you can just leave all those UFOs in the cupboard as like a reminder of your former self? kinda like some ex smokers always keep a few ciggies in reach to remind them?

Nora said...

Bravo m'lady. x

Jejune said...

Go for a new ROOM I reckon, Shaz, LOL ;)