Thursday, August 09, 2007

Are you a Stole or Shawl?

So my next finish on a deadline project is a wedding present for a good friend. She already knows what I am planning so I can post about the project.

I am planning to knit the
Voyager Stole from I am using the 2ply silk merino from The Knittery in the Denim colourway. Gorgeous Daphne is dyeing it specially for me. I hope the pattern is fun to knit because I am also planning to knit myself one!

While I was trawling the net for a pattern it hit me. I believe you are either a shawl person or a stole person. I think I am more a stole girl than a shawl girl. Although I love shawls and I have made myself the Forest Canopy shwl, I do prefer the rectangle shape. But hey, I havent knitted one yet, so lets see how I feel at the end of this project!!

And then there are the mermaid gloves. I am having soooooooooo much trouble deciding on a yarn and colour for these. Maybe subconciously I am procrastinating so that the lovely Jejune will figure out the finger bit of the pattern, knit them and then tell me what to do!!! Ok, that does sound the likely culprit of the failure to choose a yarn situation!
And yes Sadie and Lance, I will finish skully!!

So many projects, so little time......... Dammit!


Rose Red said...

Ooooh that pattern is very pretty - and will look lovely in the Denim!

I do like a shawl, but think from practicality point of view I too am a stole girl. As many before me have said, I don't need no stinking arrow pointing at the biggest part of my body (ie my bum), which is what you get with a triangular shawl!!

Nora said...

OMG! Jane, how funny (about the arrow).

Me? Stole. Definitely.

(And that decision was made waaaaay b4 I heard the one about the arrow!)

Jejune said...

Hmmm, I can tell my next lace project is going to have to be a stole, after I finish my Forest Canopy Shawl that shall Never Be Done.

I will make further progress on the Mermaid Gloves this weekend and let you know how I'm faring. I cast on 60 stitches (instead of the 72 used in the Pomatomus sock pattern).

Georgie said...

I love the idea of a shawl, but they can feel a little "old-fashioned" to me. I'm a stole girl.

Lovely pattern too, cant wait to see how it comes up in the Denim colourway.