Wednesday, August 08, 2007

And then Life gets in the way...

Ahhhh life. Seems to get in the way of the knitting. Shouldnt it be vice versa?

This week has been busy at work. One of my colleagues has gone on holidays, because she didnt have alot on. Recruitment was quiet. Funny thing (or is it Murphy's Law?) when it is quiet and she is away, I become busy doing her (apparently) non existent work. 4 resignations later, quiet. Lucky I like recruitment. Seriously!

So as for knitting, I am quietly powering away at the Big Bad Baby Blanket. I have (finally) reached halfway so it is all down hill from here. Yay! I have decided after the 11 day Clapotis effort (I still cant believe I made it so quickly!) that I can focus on a project and knock it off quickly if I REALLY want to. So I am going to try and finish it by the end of August. Emphasis on try.

Have just ordered some more yarn to make a stole for a wedding present. Will post a picture of yarn and a link to the pattern I am going to make as soon as it arrives.

At the moment I have no photos, not of any new craft anyway. So here I have for you, gentle readers, a bunch of beautiful flowers and a promise to post some pics real soon.

Ciao. For now.


Jejune said...

Thanks for the flowers Shazmina! Bugger about work getting in the way of knitting!

I'm about to order yarn and start knitting on a wedding present too, for my brother's wedding in December - but since my future sister-in-law sometimes visits my blog, I can't really post about it. What are you making, or do you have similar 'privacy issues'?

SadieandLance said...

Hmmm who's wedding?