Sunday, August 19, 2007


That is where I am on the Ravelry list. There are 4078 people in line behind me. I dont care how many are in front because, well they are in front of me. Dammit!

And that is all I have to say about that!

I have started a test knit of the Voyager stole. I had forgotten how easy it is to make mistakes in a pattern until you memorise it. Had to unknit a few rows, but apart from that I do like the pattern. I am knitting the small size, so only had to CO 60 stitches (yay!) but it is still quite wide. I am using 4ply Retro from Nundle Woolen Mills in the Gardenia (cream) colourway. VERY undersated for me. I think that is Nora's influence. I am starting to enjoy the subtleties of colour as well as the brash.

Anywho, when I have finished a couple of repeats I will post a picture.

In other related craft news, my dear friend the Obsessive Compulsive Craftster (who still doesnt have a blog, even though I have been nagging her for ages!) has bequeathed me some crafty goodness that isnt making the trip OS. Needles and Fimo! These are the wooden needles that her enabler has made her (he made the circular needles) that are yet to have ends attached. Guess what I spent yesterday making? FUN FUN FUN!! Unfortunately, the ends I made ended up in the bin. I am a prefectionist and they were not quite what I was after.

But I will perservere.

I also inherited the charming PUSS, in boots. He has asked that I kindly refrain from dreaming about frozen kittens and to lavish all my attention on him. Princess Meena is not impressed!


Rose Red said...

Does Puss talk like Antonio Banderas? 'cos if he does, he can visit me any time!!

Jejune said...

Ooooh CUTE kitty. I'm with Rose Red on this one *swoon*

LOL - you're a prefectionst. Love it.

Looking forward to pics when you're ready!

Nora said...

Stop counting - it'll happen faster then. :)