Sunday, September 30, 2007


My mojo that is!

Smaller projects, quick knits, were the best thing to ramp up the mojo. And funnily enough that was the suggestions from most of you very lovely people out there.

So here is what I have done in the past week.

One umbilical cord beanie, for newly preggers friend. The Knittery 4 ply, in coral reef colour way. Left overs from the Big Bad Baby Blanket

One knitted request. A beanie for sista dreadlock. This is the best I could do, as far as a photo goes. Essentially it is a sock for someone with lots of hair or dreads. Made from Cleckheaton Gusto, it is based on a photo my Sista sent through. I need to think of a name for it, maybe Sista Dread???

And finally, Calorimetry from Knitty. This is the third one I have made and found I had to adjust the pattern, it was just too big (or maybe I have an extra small head and wee little brain? NOT LIKELY!!!!). If you want a copy of my notes for adjusting size, feel free to email. This one is made out of the Bamboozle, bamboo yarn from Lincraft.

And so now I find myself ready to get stuck into the Voyager stole. But not before I dye some sock yarn.


Rose Red said...

Modelled shot/s of calorimetry please!!

Can't wait to see the sock yarn!!

Bells said...

Sista Dread is a great name and I think your improvised shot is so very clever!!

2paw said...

You have done so well!! Especially with the Calorimetry, everyone seems to have terrible trouble with it: a very poor pattern I think!!!

TinkingBell said...

Yay - so glad you got your mojo back (and didn't have to have bad teeth and Austin Powers clothes to do it) - love the umbilical hat - haven't tried the colorimetry - and don't know if I will!