Sunday, September 23, 2007

Knitting Mojo, where for art thou?

I have no knitting mojo. I am mojo-less.

I just cant seem to get into knitting again after my trip. I have, however after a fair whack of pondering, narrowed my lack of mojo down to this.

The Voyager stole.

It is "the cause". Not because it is difficult, but because it is going to take time.

Not steeked time (Bells you are a patient/determined/amazing woman), so I should'nt complain. But time none the less. So I have decided to start work on an easy, quick project that I can knit concurrently with the Voyager stole. My thinking behind this is to try and work up my knitting mojo into a bit of a crescendo and then jump, boots and all, back into the Voyager stole.

What do you think? Will it work?? Time will tell I guess!

So here is a question for you, gentle readers.
What do you do, when you are feeling out of knitting sorts, to get yourself back in the mood??


TinkingBell said...

Just one thing to say:
Start socks! (start simple socks in a pattern you love and remember easily and knit them everywhere)
They're small, portable, beautiful and fun!

Duchess said...

I call my jump start project the "therapy sweater" as my knitting seems to stall when I am overly stressed. It is a basic bottom-up raglan, all stst, in worsted weight yarn. No thinking, just knitting.
Good luck!

Georgie said...

Beanies. Dpns, so I feel clever, but big yarn, maybe a nice funky handspun. Adult or child-sized, depending on the yarn. It goes into the gift box.

A beanie always gets my mojo jump-started. Good luck with it!

Rose Red said...

Dunno what I do. I think I take a night off from knitting - that makes me feel guilty, so then I get back into it! Sometimes I'll change projects after an hour ("I'll just knit this while watching an episode of Buffy"), kind of as a reward.