Monday, October 01, 2007

37 yo SWF, who does not look a day over 100!

100 posts that is!

Well, that is if you dont count the 13 drafts. The ones that I started to write, but never quite finished. No surprise there, I am the Queen of all that is incomplete and unfinished after all!

Although, if the past week is anything to go by, I will have to hand over the mantle to another, more deserving soul. Any takers? Who shall be the new QUEEN OF THE UFO's????? Nominations are open NOW!!

I have just finished an Adult sized Little Cables Hat. AND I have sewn in the ends. Claudine & Rose Red, this is a really LOVELY pattern to knit. YOU ROCK!

I know, I know. "Who are you and what have you done with Shazmina?" I hear you say. Never fear, I am still here, just been working through some stuff this past week and knitting has been helping me be calm and centred. And as we all know, knitting is fantastic therapy.

But I digress.

As promised, here are some photos of the sock yarn I have dyed. Isnt it lush??!! I am pretty pleased with the results, although as I am a prefectionist (ok Jejune, I still laugh at that!) I am not sure that I can give away my first born/s. They are just not quite, perfect. Well ok, maybe that is just an excuse so I don't give them away!

First is my juicy plum. Rich deep blue/red purple. Slightly saucy, in a Nigella type of way. Yumalicious!

And second, the Blue Gin. Is it Blue/green/yellow?/ Who knows it is a little bit magic, a little bit wrong!

So what should I make with them? There is 350m of each colour, but I just can't decide on what sock pattern to use.
Any suggestions?


Rose Red said...

I LOVE both of those colours!! But most especially the purple. You know, I just started making Pomatomus today (SSS and all!) in Cherries from The Knittery - and it looks fabulous...would look great in Juicy Plum. Or, for that matter, Blue Gin. Yay you for dying some yarn so fabulously!

amy said...


If I keep reading other people's blogs, other people who have more time, I am going to end up with three gazillion new hobbies!!!

2paw said...

Your dyeing is gorgeous!!! Wow, such rich colours and I love the Blue Gin!!!! Happy Blogtenary!!!!

Georgie said...

Fabulous! You have SO found your mojo again! Both those colourways are gorgeous, well done.

TinkingBell said...

Knit anything you please - but I'd knit something with beads for the plum and something like the Peacock sock (talk to Spidey) or something lacey with the Gin! They both look beautiful - well dyed!

Jejune said...

Glad you've got your mojo back - and wow, what fantastic colours - some would say - prefect! LOL :D

Jejune said...

By the way, although Pomatomus would look divine in those yarns, don't forget the the Nereid Gloves are basically Pomatomus, so you might go a bit nuts with socks AND gloves... (Who me, a *bit* nuts? says Shaz) ;)

Nora said...

I think you should give up knitting and turn to colouring... something in deep, rich red please. :)

Donna Lee said...

What beautiful colors. I am afraid, like Amy, if I keep reading about how beautiful all these self dyed yarns are that I will soon have to try it myself. And then I will be spinning and soon I will have to quit work and spend all my time with yarn in my hands.