Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's been 5 days

since my incarceration at Camp Bendi. The orange jump suit is starting to chaffe. Not sure when I will get to wash it. Will washing make it softer?

The wardens are getting suspicious that I am trying to make an escape so they have begun to watch me closely. This may be the only message I can get out to those of you on the outside.

Tell Princess Meena I love her, and I will make contact as soon as I can.

Got to go , the warden is coming!



Bells said...

oh I hope you make it home safe and well Shaz. Miss you lots!

Rose Red said...

Gee I'm glad I'm not at Camp Bendi, where torture no doubt takes the form of Mrs Bendi forcefeeding you all day with homemade goodies. Bet she also washes your orange jumpsuit every night too and has it dry and folded at the foot of your bed the next morning!!

Georgie said...

I have baked a file into a cake and it's on its way to you. I hope the carrier pigeon doesnt get lost.

Anonymous said...

I'm not that bad, for a mum????
Been great having the little girl home again (she will always be 2)
Mrs Bendi

Rose Red said...

She still is 2, isn't she??!!

Jejune said...

Sounds like a pretty cushy incarceration to me! Do the wardens read you bed time stories?