Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Coming Home

View out front of my parents home
What is it about a homecoming that makes you become introspective? Makes you wonder what life would have been like had you stayed? Would you be happy not knowing that there was more to life out there in the big wide world?

I have been pondering that very fact the last couple of days.

I have also come to accept that I am a country girl. I should explain. I have always described myself as a country girl, but have always though it was a strange term to use as I come from the Sunshine Coast. More precisely Nambour. I mean really, I am a coastie/surfie girl, arent I?

It hit me yesterday that Nambour is a country town. I am not sure if I have been trying to make it something more than it is, but lets face it, it is a country town. With a Big Pineapple.

I, like most of the kids around here have worked at the Big Pineapple (during Uni holidays). I also had my Year 12 Formal there. Yes friends my formal was at the Big Pineapple. Still makes me giggle.

Ahhhh, memories!

But memories are just that. I drove to Maroochydore on Saturday, through what used to be canefields. But they are gone now. Just like the sugar mill, which used to rain down long delicate pieces of ash all over Nambour during milling season. All gone. And I am sad about that. The tall, green cane was beautiful. Even during dry times Nambour looked green. Now it just looks dry and tired.

Today I am off to the Eumundi markets. I remember when they were only on Saturday and full of hippies with the coolest arts & craft for sale. Those were the days. The markets are still good. There are still hippies. But it is just that little bit more commercial now. I will post some pictures tonight of the Markets and the treasures I find.

Until then, I will keep reminiscing about the way it used to be.

ps G, I am starting to sound like an old timer!

pps You were right Rose Red, Mrs bendi made Rhubarb and Apple Fluffy lst night. It was delicious! Good tucker for political prisoners!


Rose Red said...

I can't believe you haven't told me your Yr 12 Formal was at the Big Pineapple. You are so lucky. I am impressed!

And I know what you mean about going home - it isn't supposed to change, is it!

Jejune said...

Wow. The Big Pineapple. Does it GET any better?

Sad about the canefields... I'm glad you're enjoying your visit home, and all those memories :)