Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Red Wine Tuesday

Things I know.
1. Every day is a Red Wine day. A glass a day is good for the heart. And the soul!
2. Princess Meena is a cutey! But only when she wants to be fed..........
3. Knitting is addictive.
4. Who is the only Sydney crafty type not to go to the Craft show last week, BUT who did score some crafty goodness???
5. It's me!!!!

Thanks to the lovely Obsessive Compulsive Craftster (why she doesnt have a blog I dont know??) who bought me this.

Really cute Japanese fabric with cats on it. Love it! Makes my regret at not going shrink. Slightly. Ok, not really at all!

I am going to make matching headbands for me and Princess Meena...... if I can get her to wear hers it will be a miracle!


Donna said...

You weren't the only one not to go to the craft show - but I might be the only one who didn't score anything from it!!

Rose Red said...

That fabric is too.cute!
Perhaps you could staple it to the Princess...(just kidding!!!)

SadieandLance said...

Poor Princess Meena. But you would both look lovely in matching japanese fabric head bands.

Bells said...

oh, a post title after my own heart.

Cheers to you and your pretty fabric - oh and to Princess Meena.