Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I have turned a heel on my first sock! Yay me!!! And I finally get why there is an obsession about sock knitting. Maybe it is because I am knitting with 8ply yarn on 4mm needles. Maybe it is because socks are such functional items.

I don’t know what it is, but I am really getting into it.

Admittedly I haven’t finished the first sock. And I have wondered if I would be motivated to knit sock 2.

This begs the question. Is there a place in this world for a collection of single socks?


Bells said...

got any one legged friends? Sorry, it had to be said. LOL

Good for you! I remember that moment so clearly!

Rose Red said...

Yay you! You can do it again - the only thing better than knitting socks is wearing socks you've knit yourself!

gemma said...

There is nothing else you can knit that is so absolutely brilliant as a turned heel. That's why we knit socks, so we can stop and look at that piece of engineering wonder!
wahoo to you!!

SadieandLance said...

Maybe your single sock could go on a date with my single sock and then they would live happliy ever after as the odd couple.

Georgie said...

Wahoo! Well done! As a "wannabe" sock knitter, I bow to skill and greatness ;-)

As for SSS - I had the idea that you could gift it on to someone to make the second one - either do a swap or start a ring. That way you only ever knit one, but get a pair (eventually) But if this is your first, then you *have* to do it, and then you will always have your first socks!

2paw said...

Huzzah!!! Socks are great aren't they? To the uninitiated they are magic: but I think they are magic too. It's like the way Jumbo jets take off: how does that happen???!!!

Nora said...


Jejune said...

So glad you've been bitten by the sock bug - it's a GOOD obsession to have. No, really!

You can always wear non-matching socks, no rule that says they have to look the same ;)