Thursday, July 12, 2007

My name is Shazmina, and I am a Yarnaholic!

It has been 2 days since my last yarn purchase.

I feel like my skin is crawling. I have constant thoughts of yarn, purchasing more, potential projects, I just cant stop thinking about yarn.

It is a burning need. A flaming desire, if you will. It burns from deep within, and nothing can quench it. It occupies my thoughts at work, and stops me from sleeping at night.

And then there are my friends. All they talk about is yarn. Where to get it. Who supplies it. How quickly it can be posted. They feed my addiction, and I cant break away........

And I am afraid. Afraid that when I die, my beautiful yarn will be donated to an op shop and will not be appreciated. I want to bequeath it to truly deserving friends, people who will use it to support their own addiction. When will it end????

The answer is clear (here comes the bird!). I need to embrace this addiction. I need to celebrate being a Yarnaholic! I NEED to purchase more yarn, because as we all know, She who has the most yarn WINS!!!!!!

Now where did I put that credit card?????

ok, so this yarn above I bought 2 days ago. 8ply Merino from the Knittery in the Earth Colourway. I am going to make myself a Clapotis. After seeing Rose Red's and lusting after Brownpants versions, I just had to have a big warm cuddly one myself!
ps This post is not intended to make fun of any organisation that treats addiction, it is in fact poking fun at the author.


michele said...

that's going to be a pretty sharp looking clapotis!

are you taking names for your bequeath list? :D just trying to be helpful.

Rose Red said...

Ok, thanks for making me get the Johnny Cash song (Ring of Fire) in my head. Clearly I will be singing it for the rest of the day and thinking of you going down down down and the flames getting higher (ewww, that's a bit rude now that I come to think of it!).

I LOVE this yarn - it will be a fab clappy. Cannot wait to fondle it.

Oh, and I'll put you on my bequeathing list if you put me on yours!!!

Oh #2 (sorry for my excessive verbiage (hey is that a redundancy??!!)), I've always thought of it as SHE WHO HAD THE MOST SHOES WINS!! But I'll happily accept "yarn" as a substitute!

2paw said...

OK I recognised that as Earth from The Knittery. I officially have no life!! It will look fantastic!!!

Bells said...

You know what? I already knew you were buying that. Is that creepy? Do you know how?

I have spies, you know.

amy said...

That is some gorgeous yarn. I'm looking forward to seeing it as it progresses from skein to Clapotis!

SadieandLance said...

Who needs an enabler you're your own enabler! Go Shaz, I'm cheering for you in the great yarn contest. But didn't you have a self imposed non buying thing going on or something?

Shazmina Bendi said...

Yes. yes I did.

Georgie said...

I hear you, honey. Oh, how I hear you.

Love that yarn btw, gorgeous.

Jejune said...

Admitting the problem is the first step in recovery - but the BIG question here is do you actually want to be cured?! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colorway! It looks fantastic for your C! Hard to resist the Knittery - I always want "just one more"....Terry