Monday, July 30, 2007

Kindergarten Speak!

Lately I have reverted to what I call, kindergarten speak. You know the language you used to giggle at when you were saying naughty things that your Mum and Dad got cross at. Like poo, bum and wee. My current favourite roadrage phrase is "you big fat poo head!" and another classic is "a*se clown, stoopid head"

I think this language is best used when in reply to particularly childish and stupid events. It makes them seem even more ridiculous. And lets face it, we should all embrace the childish and silly from time to time.

Anywho, here is my finished Clapotis. I promise to post pictures of the Clap(otis) in all it's loveliness very soon. I still need to block it, but was to eager to wear it today.

Just to recap. 3 balls of 8 ply yarn from the Knittery in the Earth colourway. I knitted as per the pattern found here, with the exception of adding 2 extra repeats in the straight rows. I had enough yarn left to have completed a 3rd repeat. Oh, and I just realised that this project took me 11 days to complete! That is some kind of record for the Queen of the UFO!

So now I am onto my next project. It is secret squirrel stuff (until next week) as it is for a baby shower I am attending on the weekend. And no, Sadie and Lance it is not the Big Bad Baby Blanket!

ps Please excuse my spelling mistakes they were roolly rooollllly bad!


Rose Red said...

Ooooh it is lovely. Now I want to make another one - but this time a full-sized one!! Must.resist.



SadieandLance said...

Like I said, puting em to shame. It looks noice Shazza. Make sure u wear it on Saturday.

Yes, what Rose Red said pooh bum wee - although my road rage is much less restrained than that.

Jejune said...

Super fast Clapotis, that must be a record!

Since I've started living with teenagers (they USED to be babies, and then all of a sudden - bam!) my language has got more and more foul. I probably shouldn't write the things we say. They also come up with frikkin WEIRD things though like 'I shall eat you insect children'. Who brought them up, honestly?! LOL!

Nora said...

So lovely.

Georgie said...

Be-U-ti-ful! Superfast indeed, can't wait to get me one! Im still procrastinating over colourways....

Georgie said...

And another thing....I totally agree with the need for kindergarten talk lately - I find myself using it a lot because there is just nothing grown-up to be said about so much of the stuff going on right now!!

2paw said...

The Clap(otis) is gorgeous. It looks very silky and soft.
I have invented 'boogelly' as my all purpose word. It can be a verb, an adjective, an adverb, even a noun if necessary!!