Sunday, June 10, 2007

Very Interesting........

Meeting people you have only interacted with online.

I will start at the beginning. I was invited to meet Nora (Black Dog Knits) and Rose Red Shoes, with my good craftin' buddy Brownpants. Luckily for most of the week my mind was pre occupied with various bits and bobs (mainly work) but by Saturday morning I was freakin' out! FREAKIN OUT PEOPLE!!!!! I couldnt decide what to wear, it was raining and I wanted to impress. And then a thought, exactly how much of your own knitting should you wear when you first meet your craftin' online friends???? Luckily, when I thought about this I realised that I have sooooo many UFO's it really wasnt an issue.

So I finally dressed (jeans, runners and long sleeved tshirt thingy & a pale blue beret I had made), and went to collect Brownpants.

Did I mention it was raining? It was hideous! And then trying to find a carpark. And then walking to the cafe (my heart was pounding) And then there she was. Nora. Wow. I dont know exactly what I was expecting but it was like seeing her blog walking, talking and breathing!!

After we settled ourselves with coffees, Rose Red arrived. And again, it was like seeing a blog come to life.

And as I looked around the table it got me thinking. We are all so like our blogs. It was so surreal.

Nora was charming, warm, LOTS of fun. But the most noticeable thing about her was how stylish she is. And effortlessly so, exactly like her blog! She bought some socks for show and tell made from Sundara yarn. Sigh! They were lucious! But most importantly she has inspired me to finally knit socks!! Nora, I am ordering the 30cm circulars as we speak!!! :)

And Rose Red. Wow, she was just so calm and warm and too damn cute! Easy to see what she has a lot in common with Bells!! She was wearing one of her beautful knits in a GORGEOUS purple colour (it is on her blog she finished it to take to NYC for her holiday earlier this year). We admired her knitting, her cardigan (it is stunning) and especially her shoes! Red boots, sigh!

And then there is my Brownpants. She is so complicated and so uncomplicated all at once (is that possible??) FIERCELY intelligent, sweet and caring and obsessive when it comes to craft (and beer!). Her blog is so her, I just adore her!

And then there was me. A little quiet and shy to begin with, but then I warm up and watch out, before you know it I am talking about s*x and adult toys!! Oh and knitting "special adult" things for your men. Mwahahahahahaha! In my world, it always seems to come back to that topic!! :)

We left promising to meet again. And I know we will, hopefully more of you will come along as well and we can meet you too.
I promise not to drag the conversation down......... unless it ends up there anyway!!

ps Hope you can make it soon Bells!!


2paw said...

I have read that everyone had a great time!! At the Knitting Coven, we are not often wearing knitted items, other than socks as it is quite hot in the room we meet in. When a new person comes we are often knitted wear-less!! Beret looks tres bien!!!

Bells said...

Shaz you are too much. Too lovely. I am so there next time. Come hell or high water, just to give you a big hug!

Nora said...

Oh, what a beautiful post. Thank you for being so nice and kind. And funny!! The s*x talk was the highlight of the afternoon y'know... yep, it was! x

PS: You ought to turn that beret inside out and show everyone your sensational SEAM!!

Rose Red said...

heh - I was too shy (or something) to mention the s*x talk and the v-word in my post!!! It was fab to meet you.

SadieandLance said...

Shaz sounds like th perfect thing ot do on a rainy weekend. You're so funny getting all nervous!

michele said...

what a great write up on your afternoon. i loved your descriptions of everyone.

do you write fiction, you could you know. you're so good at descriptions.

BrownPants said...

Oh my god I just ate most of a crossoint, bit into the last, bottom layer, and realised it has chocolate in it.
You are the only person I know who would appreciate this.
(And darling, how can one be similtanously something and not that thing? I wonder if you hadn't had too much chai latte when you wrote that. hehehehe.)

BrownPants said...

PS, do you think it would be rude of me to chop off the bottom half of the last remaining croissant? I'd leave the top half!

Jejune said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all - so glad you bundled up your bravery and met your blogger friends :)

The funniest SnBs we've had here have also involved much s*xy rudeness - memorably hilarious evenings!

Bells said...

damn. I missed sex talk. Was there gin involved?