Saturday, June 30, 2007

Stuff and Nonsense

As the locals know, it has been cold in Sydney. Not many of us have central heating so we are really feeling it, I know I am. But no, not Princess Meena. She takes pole position up against the small (too bloody small) column (oil) heater. In fact she likes to lean her head against it. I keep telling her that she is frying her wee small brain, but she doesnt care. She, in her little fur coat, is warm. While I, the one who feeds her and cleans up her poop, is FREEZING!

So who really is the dumbo in this house!!!

So this weekend, is all about me. I am planning to take time out and have Shazmina time. That means hanging out at home, crafting, watching dvd's, going for a walk, ignoring the phone, watching Dr Who, eating good food, and more crafting. Basically I am working on being centred. The last week I have felt slightly off kilter, so the weekend is all about getting back to my centre, to the things that matter to me, so that I can better cope with the weekday malarky.

So what am I working on this weekend?

A surprise for a friend. She is feeling the stress of life more keenly than I am, so I am making a little something to cheer her up. Pics soon.

My first sock, otherwise known as Shazmina's new obsession!!

Embroidery for a quilt.

The BBB blanket for Sadie and Lance.

Sewing - Amy Butler skirt & hemming 2 pair of pants.

So that will kepp me busy and on the straight and narrow!! I will post updates tomorrow!


Rose Red said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend!

Cats are supposed to sit on your lap and keep you warm, not hog the heater! Clearly you have been a bad bad influence on Princess Meena!!

2paw said...

Tori the Labrador (lives in a box on the mantelpiece now) loved the heater so much she would singe her fur. Regularly, and guard the heater from the other dog!! Mine, all mine she would say!! Happy 'Me' time!!!

Nora said...

Frying her wee, small brain! You crack me up! She is very cute (I'm a dog person). Bring her over, Sheeba would love to play with her...

SadieandLance said...

I take your Sydney cold and I raise it with Melbourne cold - without central heating.

Focaccia likes to sit in front of our heater too. We tell her she's making love to the heater with her eyes. But ours is one of those ones that blows the heat out...we're not sure how long her eyesight will last if she continues her love affair.