Saturday, June 23, 2007


I finally feel like I am relaxing. Listening to Fleetwood Mac (Tusk is playing as we speak). Love it!

Well the last week has seen me be a bit of a social butterfly. Coupled with being busy at work, it has made for a blogless 10 days. Know that I have read your blogs and they made me smile!

So what have I been up to? I have taught THREE people to knit, although only TWO have made it to the dark side.
My number 2 gay in the village gave up in a huff when he could not master knitting instantly. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!! This has made the number 1 gay in the village happy as he is a master crocheter. MORE DRAMA!!

I also put a profile on a dating website. While I am not convinced that this is the best way to meet someone, I thought I would give it a go for a month. We will see what happens.........

Not much else to tell. The 30cm circulars have arrived. Nora assures me they will change my life. I think she might be right because I am about to cast on my first pair of socks! Rose Red Shoes suggested 8ply to start, which is perfect as I am in desperate need of new bed socks. I was a bit excited and decided to make up my own pattern based on my favorite bedsocks, but in the cold light of day I am thinking that I should stick to an existing pattern for my first attempt. Suggestions are welcome!!

And finally, here is the latest update of the Big Bad Baby Blanket. Sadie and Lance, you are going to love it!!


Rose Red said...

BBBB - the pic does not do the colours justice - just gorgeous vibrant colours!
Go socks! yeah!

Bells said...

she lives!!

And she's signed up!

I will be intrigued to hear the outcome.

Nora said...

Welcome back!

I agree with Jane, 8 ply is the way to go. I'd probably stick to an existing pattern first up - I'll email you a scan of my first pair. Incredibly easy. What size circs did you order? I think you'll need 4 - 4.5mm.

Good luck with the profile. You realise we'll all have to check him out b4 you head off for your 1st date!

Jejune said...

Wow, you've been a busy chicken!

I know of several people who have found new partners via newspaper ads (my mum), and online services, so I'm wishing you good luck there!

Yeah, stick with an established pattern for your first socks. Bed socks sound like a brilliant idea. I found the Socks 101 tutorial in Spring 05 Knitty very helpful, basically you knit a mini-sock, so you can cover all the pertinent techniques in a short amount of time (like a few hours). Click on the 'Kate's Training Sock' link. Have fun!

SadieandLance said...

ooo that's a nice BBBB!! Hee hee.

Go the sock knitting. I started my first one and it was going great guns, I've turned the heel but I put it down in March around the time of my bday and it's disappeared to a land that time forgot while I show love to my clap and various instant gratification projects.

Elisabeth said...

I'll email you a sock pattern that I've had great success with. It was from one of the Australian Knitting magazines. It's got little cables which make it more interesting to knit.

michele said...

the baby blanket looks great!

and good for you for not being a ditherer and getting going with the online dating. i'm a huge believer in relationships and am always encouraging friends and clients to get going on this. one of my clients met a wonderful partner online and is now very happy. so good on you.