Sunday, June 03, 2007


With choice. Fear. Ok, lets face what it really is, procrastination.

I have not knit a stitch this week. Not one. I sat on my couch and couldnt decide what to knit. There are soooooo many unfinished projects, I just didnt know where to start. It was paralysing. So I made the decision to finally sew my Barcelona skirt (I am in love with Amy Butler!).

Before I could commence on the skirt, I had to clean my sunroom/craft room. (Look there goes that damned bird again!!).
That was the deal I made with the devil (also known as Princess Meena). I have no photographic evidence of how bad the room was, but let's just say that it was also known as the "Pit (hacking cough) of Despair!".

But with one application of Shazmina, look at it now! So these pics are looking in from the doorway. First, in the left corner is my desk/sewing table with laptop, sewing machine, overlocker (thx Mum!). Too the left of it is my yarn cupboard. This is also one of my stashes. I dont know why I persist in hiding my yarn at the moment. I should be joyously throwing it around the house and rolling in it naked!!

Then the far right corner is a small cupboard, containing various crafts including, beads, embroidery and crochet cottons.

And the nearest right corner, bookshelf containing texts from Uni which I just cant bear to part with, as well as other miscellaneous craft.

All up it took me from 11am (ish) to 6.30pm to get the room to this point. And I love it, all I need is a comfy chair to sit and knit in and it would be perfect! Oh and the willpower to keep it neat and tidy from this point forward.
So now I can go and cut out the skirt and start sewing! Updates on that soon!!

ps. In late breaking news, I no longer have a "thing" for receding hairlines, meaty sideburns and handlebar mustaches! I would like to thank the very unattractive man in Stanmore for daring to sport this look and curing me. Bless him!! :)


Bells said...

Ah see that Murphy look is only attractive in very limited circumstances, isn't it????

That room looks spiffing. Absolutely wonderful. I think your problem was overcrowding and no sense of control over your creative space.

Now you should be just fine to get on with whatever crafts you want!

2paw said...

Oh your room looks so lovely you have spurred me on and I have done a little reorganisation and tidying Right Now!! Next week you will have to look at the Men Of Taggart. Anything good there do you think????

Kristie said...

Holy crap! I didn't realise that room had carpet?! Ha!

Rose Red said...

Wow - you must really have lost your knitting mojo to do some tidying!! That's serious procrastination! (I should know - I suspect my study/knitting/sewing room looks a lot like your "before" shot!) But now it's all clear - yay!

SadieandLance said...

I have clean craft room envy.

Nora said...

I've taken that pattern out and put it back down about 5 times this weekend. I can't be bothered with that invisible zip thingy...