Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I heard that word used twice today. Both times by people under 35. Weird, but I like it. Those types of words and phrases need to be used more often, dont you think?

So I have been known to be a bit of a ditherer. A procrastinator if you will. It has taken me forever to clean my craft room, but once done I felt magnificent. Like I had conquered my dithering. So much so that I have moved on to a revamp of my loungeroom. Pictorial proof of that achievement to follow.

When I cleaned my craft room, I realised exactly how much yarn I own (Oh the Horror!).

* The top shelf contains yarn I have purchased from Nundle Wool Mill for dyeing (4ply, 8ply & 12 ply) and kntting related bits and bobs.

* The next shelf down contains my biggest shame. UFO's.

* Shelf 3 contains various yarns I have purchased. Some for specific projects. Some because it was so pretty.

* Finally shelf 4 contains more yarn, the bits left over from projects, and various dyes.

Oh the Horror alright! I had a caniption when I saw it all, finally neatly packed away in their plastic storage bags. How much of a neat/control freak am I???

But a strange thing happened on the weekend. I realised that I am not alone in my neat/control freakiness. Imagine my genuine shock, admiration and down right pleasure when Rose Red Shoes pulled out her WIP, neatly contained in a glorious plastic bag (was it a Glad Bag or no name brand? I forgot to ask!).

Right then I knew we would get along.

Right then I knew I had found anoher yarn soulmate! As if I didnt already know that!! ;)

ps Normally I do not condone the use of plastic bags. Please note that the bags used for this post are reused. Who am I kidding, they are never reused because the bags are never empty!!!! Sigh! Deep breath and repeat after me, "I am embracing the completer/finisher within".


Bells said...

Ditherer from way back here. guilty as charged.

I'm all for pushing the use of cool, little-used words.

Your stash management is impressive!!

RR uses little plastic bags. Oh how cute!

Rose Red said...

Glad bags in fact - I've tried others (eg cheap Coles brand) and they were crap. Didn't seal properly. I have all sizes of glad bags in my yarn room, just ready to be used. I even almost bought the mini-sized ones on the weekend, for left-over bits of yarn (but I didn't...).
And if you think you've got a lot of yarn - you'd better come over to my house...you'll feel a lot better afterwards!!!

Donna said...

Heh, I'm a ziplock bag user, too. I fully intended to reuse them as they were emptied, but they seem to fill up so much more quickly than they empty out!

SadieandLance said...

I Sadieandlance hereby solemnly swear to use the word dither at least once in a sentence this week.

I must say though that I prefer the word faff...as in to faff about.

And you my friend got me onto the zip lock project bag. I delight in retrieving my neat little zip loack bag from my handbag on the tram. I buy the cheap-o coles ones and they only have problems sealing when I cram too much yarn in them.

Nora said...

I use bags too - large, med, sml and TINY (for left-over bits of yarn - Yes, Jane).

Jejune said...

My stash is a wooden chest (built by my lovely son) full of - yup - zip lock bags full of sorted yarn. Why would anyone *not* use them?!

All set to dither, potter and faff about all weekend ;)