Monday, February 02, 2009

Normal Transmission Will Resume Shortly.

Gosh, it has been nearly two months. Where did the time go? 

With the run up to Chrimbo (that is English slang for Xmas!) and then New Year, I just havent had the brain capacity to blog. I am working on a project at work to implement a new HR system where I am working and it is taking all my words during the day and leaving me without words at night. Hard to believe I know!

So here I am. A day stuck at home. Snow. No buses. No trains. No tube. And I need at least 2 of the three modes of transport to get to work. Did I mention the snow? 8 inches over night. Nuts.

But did I mention the knitting time?? There is a knitting Goddess and she made it snow!

Just quickly, Here is what I am working on. Ink, by Black Dog Designs in Noro Cash Iroha in black. Tender Blankie by Wendy Bernard. Photos to follow.

And I have finished a few things too. Clap(otis) number 6 (although 3 & 4 are still on the sticks), and Kenzie by Louisa Harding (in Wildcroft pattern book, brilliant beret pattern that I love). And there are a few plans brewing for something special and unique.

And yes Bels, I promise to post more often. Normal Service has resumed!


SadieandLance said...

Oh, there you are! Wow, that snow is intense. And thank your lucky stars you're having snow days and not heatwave days. 4 days of 42deg? Makes a girl happy she moved back to Sydney last year!

Bells said...

lucky you getting snow on your first London Christmas!

you've been sooo busy!

Rose Red said...

Yay! Snow Day! Wish we could have a heatwave day! Have missed you! Nice to see you back. Want to see all the knitting!!!

Nora said...

I am so behind in my blog reading...! You're making Ink?! YAY! In black?! Double YAY!