Saturday, February 21, 2009


One of the great things about living in a cold climate, it may well be the only good thing, is all the knitted items you can wear.  When winter came upon us with a vengeance, I realised I needed a beanie, and I had a particular hankering for a beret.It wasn't until I purchased Wildspur, by Louisa Harding for a different pattern that I found the beret of my dreams. Kenzie. It was everything I wanted in a beret, lace, cables and a pompom! Unfortunately I ran out of wool for the pompom. 

Mirasol Sulka, 3 skeins. It is knit on straight needles, although could be easily converted for circulars, and took just over a week to knit in between finishing the last ever Clap(otis).

I am thinking about adding a contrasting colour for the pom pom, red I think. Very Scottish!

I really love Wildspur, lots of great Highland inspired patterns. I am planning to make the Buchanan sideways cable and lace sweater (the reason I bought the book). Just waiting for the right yarn to speak to me.


Rose Red said...

Oh I think a red pompom would be MOST EXCELLENT!. Love it!

Bells said...

oh it's so cute!!!

Nora said...

Love it! [Berets look gorgeous on you!]