Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Quickie.....

'cos I need to prepare for a play date.

Yep my dear friend Al is coming over to knit for the day. Sweet! I have to tidy the lounge room,  get out the yarn winder and assorted wool (show & tell), the chocolate I bought her (I am off chocolate for a month, can you believe that?), and get some DVD's sorted.

Lucky it should only take 5 mins!!!

So finally here are some photos of some presents that arrived for me from Australia for xmas. I am a bit slow posting about them. 

These little goodies are from Rose Red. Cashmere sock yarn from the knittery in Moses Fire, twin Caramello Koalas, a Violet Crumble & Tim Tams. YUM! Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou Rose Red they are all tops!

I also received 2 balls of Kaalund yarns Classic Two in Wisteria from the super lovely Bells. How did you know that was my favorite colourway? You are a star! The photo does not do the yarn justice so I may need to post about it again. And what should I make from this? Any suggestions??

Ahhhhh, knitterly love. Don't you just adore it!!


Rose Red said...

Oh, a play date - what fun! Can't believe you are off chocolate though. Does that mean you've found Mr Darcy (tee hee!)

Bells said...

Check out Ravelry Shaz. I looked the yarn up before I sent it and there are some gorgeous lace scarves etc made out of it!

The Toy Society said...

Say hi to Al for me!

And can you email me your address, your christmas present is still on my bedside table!!