Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Week that was

So much for me posting regularly! I had planned to post on my birthday, but somehow even though I didn't plan anything to celebrate, a lot happened!

So here I am. 

What is Shazmina working on.  Clapotis number six. The final one for a while. Although I do have to go back and finish 3 & 4! I am further along than this photo suggests.

I really need to make myself a beanie or beret, some fingerless gloves and another warm scarf. So they are going to be my alternate projects while completing the above mentioned project. 

Most excitingly, I have my very own design in mind for the scarf. Its based on a few things I have seen around the traps on different knitted items, but putting them all together as a scarf. Will tell you more when (and if) it turns out as I hope it will.

I also have the Xmas socks for sister. I really must start those! 

So what did I score for my birthday? Well I got a gift voucher from here from my lovely sister to buy a swift! An invitation to John Lewis to purchase
some birthday yarn from the lovely Margot. My friend Woolly Jitters cooked me a Roast lunch & arranged a visit to Socktopus, where she gave me a skein of Louet Mooi, seriously the most squishiest, rub it all over you body yarn I have ever touched! I got some lovely flowers from some work colleagues, a bottle of Moet from my boss (that was a really nice surprise). 

And to top it off I bought myself some Hazel Knits sock yarn from Socktopus. 

So, the festival of Shazmina, which lasted a week, was a rip roaring success! Loved every minute of it. Loved all my birthday messages from my peeps at home (I really do miss you all!). Loved it! 

It has made the perfect start to this next year, and made me a lot less nervous about celebrating my next birthday. The beginning of my 40th year on this planet has been perfect and I owe a lot of it to you! Bring on 40!


Rose Red said...

Mooi! You've got Mooi! Wow! Sounds like you made out like a bandit too!! Yay for new yarn and a swift and other good goodies!

Elisabeth said...

You'll never believe it but I got some Mooi for Christmas from a friend as well! We'll have to swap pattern ideas now :-)

TinkingBell said...

Aargh ! Mooi! Happy birthday and a very merry - Un-antipodean Chriostmas - I'll throw a prawn on the barbie for you!