Monday, October 15, 2007

Dont make me do it!

Or I will sick my cranky guard cat onto you!

So I have been a little quiet on the blogging front. And for good reason.
I got the talk.

You know the one. "You have to grow up and fly right young lady".

Otherwise known as the "You are 40 soon Shazmina, you need to think about your career. Where your going. Your financial security". (please note: it is EXACTLY 2 years and 41 days until I am 40 people! NOT soon!!!!!!!).

Also known as the "You spend alot of time on the internet. Have you thought maybe you should be doing, well, work?"

Um well hello. I AM working. Just not on anything that you pay me for!

So, in a nutshell, I have been behaving myself at work. Unfortunately blogging has suffered.
What the *$#&! is THAT about???
Not much to tell. And more importantly no photos of the things I do have to talk about. eeeeeek!

So what has been happening?

I have been to two weddings in a week. One in the Hunter Valley. And in only one I knew the bride and/or groom. And I had a great time at both.

Finished a sock, or is that one half of a pair of socks? Hmmm, ponderance?
With all the completer/finishing over at SSoS I am tempted to start a collection of mismatched, incomplete pairs of socks.

Just for fun.

Just to be different.

Just to wave the flag for all those out there that are muddling along, enjoying the slow, steady pace of knitting.

I AM a rebel. I AM breaking away.

Just not sure what from................. tee hee hee!


Michelle said...

Bugger! Oh well, you'll just have to make time at home for the blogging. In between making your single socks!

Rose Red said...

Hmmm, mismatched, incomplete socks...what would Freud make of that??!!

So, working are such a rebel!!

Nora said...

Now, now, there will be NO breaking away from anything Ms Bendi. [God, I couldn't bear it a second time around!]

Btw, I have a collection of mismatched socks but JANE won't let me post them!! Booo. :(

gemma said...

Don't say mismatched, say complimentary or contrasting, conversation starters .... yay for rebels! (48 and still not grown up myself - because life is too short not to do silly things every now and then)

TinkingBell said...

My husband thinks I'm a sad knitting blogger - I say I'm learning my craft, meeting new and interesting people who just happen to knit, be wickedly intelligent and witty and have an interest in life - especially necessary to a stay at home mum - 'What's you hobby darling?'

2paw said...

Why do you have to be grown up and sensible with a plan?? Believe me, do what you enjoy and do it NOW!! You just never know. Your job/career is not your life. I think new ribbon, thicker purple ribbon. But a mis-matched pair is fine!!!

2paw said...

OK, ignore the purple ribbon bit. Instead, : How cute is that kitten???!!!

Jejune said...

Ppppffft to your work - who DO they think they are? Humpf. I'm all for staying as immature and silly for as long as possible. I've got a couple, well, ok, five years up on you, and am still a Very Silly Person. Life's quite damn serious and sad enough, you either go silly or insane (or BOTH)! ODD SOCKS ALL THE WAY!

Scary cat, she would beat up my poor little chihuahua :)

Donna Lee said...

In 18 days I will be 50. I am still waiting to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. "growing older is not optional, growing up is". Do what makes you happy, follow your bliss. Damn, life is too short to do what you don't love.