Friday, October 26, 2007

While the Cat's Away......

This little mouse will play!

So I have a quick moment to write a wee little post. Above is a photo of my Lorna's Laces One Hank Socks, by Black Dog Knits. This is actually the first sock, although I am up to about the same place on it's wee little friend. Will post pics of that one on the weekend.

I think this photo shows the Lorna's colourway a lot better than my previous posts. You will also note the 30cm circular, which I love. I have a theory that your favorite sock knitting method, whether it is DPN's, Magic loop, two circulars or 30cm circulars, really depends on what you used to knit your first pair of socks. LOL! Listen to me, like I am an expert, this is my second pair of socks, first pair using 4ply!!

So this weekend I will be a shut in, complete with (Princess) Meena, a bottle of Gin (I promise not to drink it all!), DVD's and chocolate. I will be knitting and doing some other miscellaneous craft, which I promise to post about over the weekend.

Well I better get back to it, never know what spies are about ready to report back to the camp commandant!!!

ps No I don't work in an over regulated environment, just been watching Hogan's Heroes!!


Bells said...

I have some LL at home. I must try this!!!

Have a great weekend, you star you.

Rose Red said...

You're probably right about the needle thing - although I am loving me some magic loop right now!!

Have a lovely, lovely weekend!

Nora said...

Yep, your needle theory is correct. I can't bring myself to knit with anything other than that little circ. Hope you and Princess Meena have a good one. x

Michelle said...

Love that LL yarn!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

TinkingBell said...

Looks fabulous - and looks like you got back your knitting mojo!

2paw said...

Your socks look so good, I love the colours and the needle theory too. Now all I can do is hum the HH theme tune and I might have to walk about hitting the furniture to see if any secret escape tunnels pop up!!!