Saturday, November 22, 2008

Send Me Some Sock Love. Please!

I need some sock love.

I need a bloody lot of sock love. I have to finish this pair, that is most important.
And then I have to knit two pairs for my sister. Unfortunately I made the mistake of saying, "What sort of socks would you like oh sister of mine?" To which she preceded to say, "Oh you know, over the knee, and can wear them with these weird shoes I bought that have a separate toe thingos, can you make them for me?" 

"Of course"

Of bloody course! What the flippin' heck was I thinking?? Oh I know what you are saying, well you are Shazmina Bendi designs........

Flippin' heck people! Flippin'. Bloody. Heck!


Bells said...

oh she didn't? Well, I will watch with eagerness to see what you come up with!

Rose Red said...

Omg - two posts in less than a week. Just let me pull myself up off the floor...

You can finish the socks! You CAN finish the socks! You can FINISH the socks!

Did that help? Also, the moral to this story is, never ask someone what sort of socks they'd like. Colour choice, that's the only choice they get!!