Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Did I hear the word Sale??

In the UK there is a store called John Lewis. A lot like Myer....... but on yarn steroids (yarnoids??)

The biggest store, on Oxford Street in London has a yarn section that defies description. It has THE biggest display of Rowan that I have ever seen. And yes, Rose Red, I fondled. I squeezed. And I gently caressed my bosom with the beeeeooooootiful Rowan yarn. And the Debbie Bliss. Noro. Mirasol.

This photo cant convey how much yarn there is.  Maybe there are bigger displays with more yarn. But this blew my mind. More impressive than that shop in the centre of Sydney that shall remain nameless.
And this week they are having a Summer Sale. Yes, that is what I said, it is Summer over here! We had a heat wave today, two consecutive days over 24 (today was 26!).

Mostly it was Rowan , Jaeger and Debbie Bliss cotton yarn on sale. But the real exciting news is this. I got 8 skeins of Noro Cash Iroha (black) for 30 pounds!  That is just over AU$60! Yay for me!!!

And Nora, guess what I am going to make from it?? 

ps the correct answer is a certain knitting pattern printed in February in the S'n'B desk calendar!!!
pps These photos are of only part of the yarn available. I was too overwhelmed to take an more. I needed a quite moment to reflect and fondle!


Rose Red said...

You know, I can't believe that every time I was in London was BK (Before Knitting). So I missed the delights of John Lewis, Liberty, everything - sigh! So now I must live vicariously through you...feel free to send me any leftovers!! The Cash Iroha is such a gorgeous yarn - it will be fab in that pattern!

Jejune said...

HOLY COW! That is friggin' awesome!

LOL, you gotta love those poor Brits and their heat waves ;) 26 C - poor dears.

Nora said...

OMG!!! That is just incredible! And of course, I'm SO jealous of the Cash Iroha - in BLACK!!!

[I believe the shop in the centre of Sydney that shall remain nameless is under new management! :) So perhaps I can finally venture in for a little look...]

Nora said...

PS: Oh why can't we click on your photos for a better look??? I NEED TO SEE THE WOOL!