Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wherever I Lay My Head

So, finally I have got out & about and have taken some photos. I thought I would show you the place I now call home. This is my bedroom window, blinds closed because my room is a mess (currently known as the pit of despair!).
Kind of nice from the outside, huh! I live in a "private estate" as the committee (or grand dames of the heath, as I like to call them) keep telling us. We have had a couple of notes (kindly written on with compliments slip) letting us know that we need to fix our curtains and not hang washing in the window (our dryer is broken & we are waiting for landlord to fix it). So many rules for living here, & I think you can probably guess how I feel about rules!! :)

And here is the front of our lovely apartment, that is the lounge room bay window. The estate has just over 100 apartments, each building has 3 floors. It also has a couple of 
tennis & squash courts as well. Very posh huh!!  

As I said, it is a place to live and I love being surrounded by the heath, the trees and open space make me feel like I don't actually live in London. I am guessing that is why lots of Aussies, Kiwis and Saffas (Sth Africans) live in Putney.

I promise when I have cleaned my room I will take some inside photos. I had to take advantage of the sunny weather today, who knows when that will happen again. ;)


Jejune said...

Great to see pics of where you are,some of the time, at least! I don't think I'd take kindly to those sorts of notes, either!

My sister lives in a community estate like that, but hers is in Camden, on Hamstead Heath...

Enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts!!

Rose Red said...

So good to see where you live - apart from the rules, it sounds fab! Miss you lovey!

2paw said...

I'm not very good with the whole rules thing, so I wish you luck and a little respite from the letter writers!! How very strange!! I am glad you are liking your new abode. It must be hard to find somewhere that feels right.